The Time Lars Ulrich Admitted His Son’s Favorite Band Was Megadeth To Dave Mustaine

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine have a video clip in which the two former bandmates reconnected about their children and at some point during the conversation, Ulrich revealed that his children, especially now 22-year-old son Myles Ulrich’s favorite band is Megadeth.

As many of you know, despite the world recognizes Dave Mustaine as the co-founder, vocalist, rhythm and lead guitarist, and primary songwriter of Megadeth for four decades, he actually was the original lead guitarist of Metallica with whom he didn’t get the chance to release an album.

After being fired from the band because of his alcohol and drug addiction even before receiving a warning or a second chance, Dave Mustaine and Metallica members, especially Lars Ulrich had a difficult relationship for years until the former bandmates resolved the issue even with therapy sessions.

Fortunately, being on good terms reveals heartwarming videos of the former bandmates of Metallica in which they reconnect and recreate their friendship just like in footage that reveals the moments when Dave Mustaine and Lars Ulrich talk about their family life and children.

During their conversation, Metallica drummer revealed that his son Myles Ulrich’s favorite band is actually Megadeth and they listen to the band every single morning while Lars was driving them to school. After hearing this unexpected fact, Dave Mustaine showed his whimsical side as he made a joke asking Lars if he spanked his kids after hearing this.

Here is what Lars Ulrich said:

“I don’t know if I told you the other day, but his favorite band was Megadeth for about a year. every morning we got in the car, I’m taking them to school and we’re listening to Megadeth”

Here is how Dave Mustaine joked:

“Did you spank him?”

You can watch the video right below.