The Time Jon Bon Jovi Threatened To Kill Sebastian Bach Out Of Rivalry

It is very common for famous rockstars to help other potential artists gain recognition by giving them a chance to be an opening act, introducing them to important people, and even collaborating with them on tracks.

However, when the student becomes the master, the friendship can easily turn into a rivalry. That’s exactly what happened with Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi and Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach. Let’s take a look at the details.

Jon Bon Jovi Helped Skid Row Rise To Fame

Skid Row co-founder and guitarist Dave Sabo and Jon Bon Jovi were teenage friends. Sabo was also briefly a member of Bon Jovi before guitarist Richie Sambora joined the band as his replacement. Before being worldwide-known rockstars, the two friends agreed that if one of them made it into the music business, he would help the other out.

This was why Bon Jovi’s manager Doc McGhee helped Skid Row and secured the band a record deal with Atlantic Records in 1988. After helping the band with their first album, Bon Jovi and his wife invited lead singer Sebastian Bach and his family to stay at their home. According to Sebastian Bach’s memoir ’18 And Life On Skid Row,’ Jon even gave Bach some of his old stage clothes at that time.

Furthermore, after their debut studio album became an instant success, Skid Row opened for Bon Jovi’s 1989 tour. As part of the six-month tour, Skid Row played its first-ever UK gig supporting Bon Jovi’s outdoor show at Milton Keynes Bowl on August 19, 1989. Bon Jovi’s contributions to the band’s success are undeniable, but the rest of the story is about the following competition between the bands.

Sebastian Bach Was Threatened To Kill By Jon Bon Jovi’s Father

Although everything was going great between the two bands, it was inevitable for the two lead vocalists to turn their backs to each other after Skid Row’s T-shirts began outselling Bon Jovi’s. Following that, the headliners took the matter into their own hands. Sebastian Bach went to Jon’s dressing room, and Bon Jovi showed him his teeth by stating he’s the owner of Skid Row.

It was just the beginning as the two bands took their anger out of each other by brutally pranking one another. For instance, Bon Jovi’s three crew members grabbed the Skid Row singer and poured freezing cold ice milk over his head just before hitting the stage. As a reaction, Bach fired back by making his roadies get two cartons of eggs to be thrown at Bon Jovi’s crew.

Following the show, Sebastian Bach knew something was wrong since 60 people were coming towards him and his team. With Jon Bon Jovi in the front with his brother Tony, and father John Francis Bongiovi, Sr., this fight was an absolute mess as everybody was threatening each other. During this chaotic atmosphere, Bach received a death threat from Bon Jovi’s father.

In his memoir, Bach recalled this incident as:

“We saw about 60 people coming toward us. Leading the pack was Jon Bon Jovi himself. Flanking him, side to side, were his dad and his brother Tony. Behind them was the full Bon Jovi road crew. Bon Jovi said, ‘I heard what you said on my stage, motherf—er,’ and then he threw a punch. Bon Jovi Senior pointed in my face as I was held against the wall. He said, ‘I’ll f—ing kill you,’ or something like that.”

Fortunately, the fight ended after a little more screaming and threatening. Although Sebastian Bach and Jon Bon Jovi expressed their unpleasant opinions on one another during interviews following the incident, they eventually buried the hatchet when they met at a London hotel bar in 2006. Regardless of their fights that broke out of jealousy, the Skid Row frontman always stresses the importance of Bon Jovi since he’s one of the biggest reasons why his former band ever existed.