The Stunning Truth About Guns N’ Roses Song Features Axl Rose’s Sex Noise With Adriana Smith


Every song has its own unique stories. While most of them are known by only their creators, there are some stories that are still remembered by the fans. The interesting story of Guns N’ Roses’ iconic song entitled ‘Rocket Queen’ is one of them. The recording process along with the bold contribution of Adriana Smith drew great attention from Guns N’ Roses fans.

Adriana Smith and Axl Rose first met when Smith was a stripper at the Seventh Veil club. She was also GNR’s drummer, Steven Adler’s girlfriend. However, she had sex with Axl Rose and Slash who passed out on the bed when she found out Adler’s cheating on her. Even though Adler went crazy when they saw them together, her relationship with both Rose and Adler continued for a while. Smith’s voice was immortalized by Axl Rose during the recording process of ‘Rocket Queen.’

How Did Axl Rose Decide To Add Sex Noise With Adriana In ‘Rocket Queen’?


After the release of  ‘Rocket Queen,’ it was revealed that sex moans in the song were real. Adriana Smith and Axl Rose were so drunk at night when Axl wanted to have sex with her in the studio. He also wanted to record the voices to use in the song. Adriana was too drunk to say no and their moans were recorded to be used in the song.

Here’s what Adriana said about that night:

“We cleared everyone out of the studio. Dimly lit, there were cushions in the booth, so no one could really see in. There were two guys in one booth and we were in another and I think they got a couple of hours of recording of us having sex.

It wasn’t really romantic, passionate, or hot. It was kinda contrived, but they got some good stuff out of it. I don’t know where those recordings have gone and I don’t have a copy of them.”

Here’s what the mixer, Steve Thompson told:

“Axl goes, ‘No, I need real sex noises.’ And I forgot her name, she was at the studio. Adler’s girlfriend, Adriana Smith.

And Axl says ‘OK, let’s mix it up, I’m gonna fuck her in the studio and just record the moans.’ So I said to myself…

The lights were low, and Axl’s doing his thing with the girl, we got a little noise together, and then we just edited what he wanted.

After this bold recording, Adriana Smith who wanted to be an actress at that time regretted a lot about her decision. When Rose wanted to give credit to her by writing her name as Adriana ‘Sex Machine’ Smith, she was so afraid of losing her chance to be an actress. But her name wasn’t included and later people found out that the moans belonged to her while she was having sex with Axl Rose.

You can listen to the song below.