The Story Of The Wildhearts: The Band Of Inevitable Separations


The Wildhearts‘ journey began in Newcastle in the late 1980s. The group described their music as hard rock and melodic pop. Their sound has similarities to icons like the Beatles and Metallica, reflecting their variety of influences. Despite infighting over drugs and depression, like many bands in music history, the Wildhearts managed to have a couple of top 20 hit singles and even had two top 10 albums in the UK.

Their original lineup consisted of singers Snake and Dunken F. Mullett. Although it started with them, the band was mostly known for constant lineup changes and taking breaks. After many changes, the lineup consisted of Ginger on guitar and vocals, CJ on guitar and vocals, Danny McCormack on bass and vocals, and Bam on drums. However, this lineup didn’t stay the same for too long. The band is also famous for its constant breakups and reunions, and we’re here to break down its history of member changes and hiatuses.

The Wildhearts Had Many Hiatuses And Lineups


Even if the band was on a hiatus or had split up, they always seemed to find their way back to each other. Ginger is the only member who has been a part of the band since the early days as the group had more than a dozen changes in its members. Although Ginger has been a permanent member, he also broke up the group several times.

Just before the release of ‘Endless, Nameless,’ Ginger decided to split the group. The band toured Japan but canceled a scheduled UK tour. They took a break between 1997-2001. After a brief reunion with the ‘The Earth vs. the Wildhearts’ lineup in 2001, the vocalist decided to disband the group in 2005. This separation did not last long as they reunited once again in 2006.

The band has been more active than ever for the past four years. They announced their tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their ‘Earth vs. the Wildhearts’ album in 2018. The recent lineup consisted of Ginger, CJ, Danny McCormack, and Ritch Battersby. After this announcement in 2018, the band shared the news that the new album ‘Renaissance Men’ would come out in May 2019.

The Wildhearts continued to work on new material for their fans when they decided to release ’21st Century Love Songs’ in September 2021. Although the group has been on a roll for several years, they announced they had agreed to take another hiatus. They claimed internal conflicts they couldn’t handle and even canceled all scheduled live shows. Although the group has announced their break, fans are waiting for The Wildhearts to reunite soon.