The Story Of Most Genius Intro Of Metallica: Blackened Gives Goosebumps To True Fans Every Single Time

Metallica, one of the greatest bands in music history without a doubt, has countless monumental tracks that even non-Metallica fans can sing along by heart such as ‘One,’ ‘Creeping Death,’ ‘Master of Puppets’ and many more, however, true Metallica fans always seek the songs that aren’t as popular as these songs in order to appreciate every aspect of the band. One of these songs is ‘Blackened’ from the iconic album, ‘…And Justice for All.’

As some of you might know, ‘Blackened’ is the opening track of Metallica’s fourth studio album, ‘…And Justice for All’ was released on September 7, 1988. Despite the fact that the album’s dry mix and nearly inaudible bass were heavily criticized, it was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1989, as well as giving birth to iconic songs of the band such as ‘One,’ ‘Harvester of Sorrow,’ and last but not least, ‘Blackened.’

‘Blackened’ Has A Reversed Intro

There are a few reasons why ‘Blackened’ is one of the songs from ‘…And Justice for All’ that have frequently been performed, especially during the album’s promotional ‘Damaged Justice Tour.’ First of all, fans loved the heavy sound of the track, some of them ever referring to it as ‘the heaviest song’ of Metallica.

However, it’s the intro that’s mostly doing the trick for the song with its emotional tune that gives the fans goosebumps every single time right before the hard and heavy start. That’s where the magic lies because the band member actually reversed the intro, creating an echo of emotions with this decision like none other.

You can listen to the original and reversed version of the ‘Blackened’ intro right below.

Metallica Released An Acoustic Version Of ‘Blackened’

There’s no questioning of how successful, monumental, and special ‘Blackened’ is for true Metallica fans since the band members know what their fans want from them musically, they released an acoustic version of the song when the coronavirus started to take over the world last year.

As you might recall, Metallica decided to surprise their fans with a brand new acoustic version of ‘Blackened’ which was released via the band’s official YouTube channel with a video revealing all band members while they are recording the track in their homes.

Here is how Metallica announced the release:

“Here’s a little something we cooked up over the last few days. Hope you’re all safe & sound. Have a great weekend.”

You can listen to the acoustic version of the track right below.