The Song Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant Listens To Every Morning


Led Zeppelin can be considered a band greatly influenced by various blues and folk musicians for many years. Most people noticed Muddy Waters and Skip James’ effect on them in the band’s first two albums. Also, according to many music critics, the famous rock band’s members examined and learned many things from the British, Celtic, and American folk revivals, which shaped their style.

Along with blues, the rock legends combined rock and roll, jazz, country, funk, soul, and reggae elements for their hit albums that became best-selling and very popular. Therefore, they admired different genres even though they mainly produced rock music. Also, like the others, the band’s legendary frontman Robert Plant has always been a big fan of blues. So, let’s check out Plant’s interest in the genre and the blues song that he listens to every morning.

Which Song Does Robert Plant Listen Constantly?


Robert Plant discovered that singing and creating music were his greatest passions when he was a little boy. He left King Edward VI Grammar School for Boys after he had decided to follow his dreams, thanks to his influences. The singer named Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson, and Sleepy John Estes as his muses in the various interviews that he joined many times.

One of them, Blind Lemon Jefferson, was an American blues and gospel singer who became one of the most famous musicians in his genre back then. He earned the title of ‘Father of the Texas Blues’ thanks to his well-crafted sounds, lyrics, and performance as an instrumentalist. Jefferson’s high-pitched voice and unique guitar playing drew significant attention from younger generation blues musicians.

In addition, he influenced many artists from the ’50s and ’60s, and even some of them copied his style. The blues legend’s most famous song was ‘Match Box Blues,’ which Carl Perkins’ ‘Matchbox’ took as an example, and later, The Beatles covered it after hearing from Perkins. Plant, who has been a blues lover since his childhood and a person that reflected his interest in his works later as a Led Zeppelin member, revealed his admiration for the song.

The Led Zeppelin frontman admitted American blues’ influence on the British music scene, including him, and stated that he’s still listening to some of them in the mornings. According to him, it’s a great way to start the day, and Jefferson’s ‘Match Box Blues’ is on his playlist. Robert Plant described the song as an essential example of singing and playing guitar.

Here’s what the host commented:

“There’s a direct line. Everybody who I’ve ever talked to from the British music scene, there was a direct line from wherever they were London or Liverpool to the blues in America.”

In Plant’s words, he said:

“Magnificent. That still is every morning for me. Straight on it to get the day go. There’s a guy called Blind Lemon Jefferson from Texas. He’s got a song called ‘Match Box Blues,’ which Carl Perkins borrowed, and then The Beatles took it later on. It’s one of the most amazing displays of singing and playing the guitar.”

You can check out the interview and song below.