The Song Jimi Hendrix Hated Playing Live

It is common to expect your favorite band to perform their biggest hits getting ready to attend their shows. They are the songs that made them famous, so every one of us would assume that the musicians definitely enjoy singing them live but apparently, it is not always the case.

Maybe they just get bored or have another reason for hating some of their songs. It is hard to know the reason behind the musicians’ thoughts, but it sure is disappointing for many fans. You may be surprised to hear that the iconic musician Jimi Hendrix also named a song that he hated to play, as revealed by Alice Cooper.

Jimi Hendrix Once Told Alice Cooper That He Didn’t Like Playing ‘Foxy Lady’

It is publicly known that Alice Cooper met Jimi Hendrix when he was just a high school teenager. As revealed by Cooper before, he once went to watch Hendrix performing on the stage, and he even had his first drug experience with him when Hendrix invited him to his hotel room. It seems like the two kept in touch after that.

In one of his previous interviews, Alice Cooper shared another special moment with Jimi Hendrix. Cooper recalled that he was talking to Jimi before one of his shows, and a thing he said attracted his attention. Jimi once told Cooper that he wouldn’t be able to stand performing ‘Foxy Lady’ one more time on the stage.

However, Jimi added that he had to play it regardless, which drove him mad. Alice Cooper also recalled his reaction to what Hendrix said. He was shocked and couldn’t understand why Jimi had made such a remark. Cooper thought that if he were an audience member coming to watch him, he would definitely expect Hendrix to play ‘Foxy Lady’ as it is one of his hit songs.

Alice Cooper revealed the song that Jimi Hendrix didn’t want to play anymore:

“I was talking to Jimi Hendrix, and Jimi goes, ‘Man if I have to play ‘Foxy Lady’ one more time, I’m going to go crazy.’ I was sitting there going, ‘If I was in the audience and he didn’t play ‘Foxy Lady,’ I would really feel cheated.'”

Later on, Alice Cooper explained that he always performs the hit songs on the stage because it is what the audience looks forward to. He stated that after doing the hits, he prefers to throw a song only the real fans would be familiar with. Of course, we don’t know why Jimi Hendrix hated performing ‘Foxy Lady,’ which is one of his best-known songs, but he probably had a valid reason.

You can listen to Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Foxy Lady’ below.