The Solo Album Ozzy Osbourne Regretted Making

Artists put a lot of effort into making an album. They first need inspiration; after that, they need to elaborate on those thoughts to turn them into a song. Finding a source of inspiration or coming up with a new idea is a tough challenge, and working for hours and hours in the studio is another thing they must endure.

Despite how much time and effort they put into a song or an album, sometimes musicians don’t like the result. The reasons may vary; some change their sound and shift toward another style throughout the years, while others believe they could have done it better. However, Ozzy Osbourne had a different reason for regretting one of his solo records.

Which Album Did Ozzy Osbourne Not Feel Content With?

In 1978, Ozzy Osbourne decided to leave Black Sabbath for three months to focus on his solo project, Blizzard Of Ozz. However, Osbourne joined Sabbath again, and they began recording the album ‘Never Say Die!’ At that time, Sabbath struggled with drug addiction, so the recordings took a long time.

In May 1978, Sabbath started touring to promote their ‘Never Say Die!’ album. In 1979, they returned to the studio, but tensions arose within the band. The main reason for that was Osbourne’s battle with severe substance addiction. As a result, the singer was fired from the on April 27, 1979.

After leaving Sabbath, Ozzy formed the Blizzard Of Ozz in late 1979. Their self-titled debut was credited to the singer’s name, marking the beginning of his solo career. After this album’s success, Osbourne released his ‘Diary Of A Madman,’ ‘Bark At The Moon,’ and ‘The Ultimate Sin.’

‘The Ultimate Sin’ was dropped on February 10, 1986, and was re-issued on CD on August 22, 1995. After the release, the album became Osbourne’s highest-charting studio album due to the rise in heavy metal’s popularity in the mid-1980s. However, the vocalist later regretted making this record.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in 2019, Ozzy Osbourne said he didn’t like Ron Nevison’s production in ‘The Ultimate Sin.’ According to the singer, the songs weren’t bad, but they were weird, and each one felt and sounded the same. Moreover, Osbourne added that he would like to remix and do a better version of this album.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne told Rolling Stone about ‘The Ultimate Sin’:

“Producer Ron Nevison didn’t do a great production job. The songs weren’t bad; they were just put down weird. Everything felt and sounded the f*cking same. There was no imagination. If there were ever an album I’d like to remix and do better; it would be ‘The Ultimate Sin.’

In December 2021, former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. spoke to The Metal Voice about ‘The Ultimate Sin’ and argued that Osbourne didn’t like the album because it was a bad period for him and confirmed that the singer didn’t like ‘The Ultimate Sin’s mixing. So, the singer regretted releasing this album because he believed it could be better.