The Roger Daltrey Song Originally Written For Stevie Nicks

Roger Daltrey rose to prominence with The Who as the band’s lead singer, but he also pursued a solo career apart from his work with the band. Throughout his presence in the music scene, Daltrey worked with The Who on the hit songs like ‘My Generation,’ ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again,’ and ‘Baba O’Riley,’ while making solo hits such as ‘Giving It All Away,’ ‘Free Me,’ and ‘Under A Raging Moon.’

Daltrey embarked on a solo career in 1973 while still a member of The Who. His first solo record was ‘Daltrey,’ which he recorded during a break in the Who’s touring schedule. His second solo album, 1975’s ‘Ride A Rock Horse’ is the second most commercially successful solo release. Moreover, Roger Daltrey’s sixth solo album, ‘Under A Raging Moon,’ featured a song written for Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks.

Which Song In Roger Daltrey’s Catalog Was For Stevie Nicks?

Roger Daltrey issued his sixth solo record, ‘Under A Raging Moon’ in September 1985. The title track to the album is a tribute to the iconic The Who drummer Keith Moon, who died in 1978 when he was only 32. Moreover, there was also a track written by Pete Townshend in the album, titled ‘After The Fire.’

Apart from these hits, ‘Under A Raging Moon’ also featured a song titled ‘Let Me Down Easy.’ Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance wrote the piece, and it appeared on the album as the first track on the LP’s second side, reaching number 11 on Billboard’s Top Rock Tracks chart.

On his official website, Jim Vallance wrote about ‘Let Me Down Easy’ and revealed that they wrote the song in January 1984. Following that, Vallance admitted to writing it with Bryan Adams for Stevie Nicks. However, he said they didn’t know whether Nicks had heard the song.

Here is what Jim Vallance said about the song:

Adams and I originally wrote ‘Let Me Down Easy’ for Stevie Nicks, but I don’t know if she ever heard the song. Regardless, I thought Roger did a superb job.”

So, it appears the songwriters initially had Stevie Nicks in their minds, but it’s unclear whether the singer heard about the song. The song was meant to be sung by Nicks, but Roger Daltrey ended up getting the track for his album.

You can listen to ‘Let Me Down Easy’ below.