The Rock Star That Jumped Out Of Alice Cooper’s Car

As the Godfather of Shock Rock, the 74-year-old Alice Cooper is a man of the world regarding crazy things that can happen to a rock icon. Active in the music scene since the holy 1960s, Cooper has seen it all. He was there when psychedelic rock was mainstream, so he witnessed many legendary names in the scene rise to success and had a closer look at their lifestyles. Cooper didn’t fail to catch up with them, though; he had his taste of sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle as well.

Back then, Cooper was close friends with Jim Morrison. There is no doubt that Jim was probably the most one-of-a-kind frontman in the history of rock with his unpredictable behavior, erratic performances, philosophy, and way of life. So, when you bring Cooper and Morrison in the same picture, it’s inevitable that something crazy would happen. Speaking to Fangoria in 2011, Cooper looked back on the time he spent with the Lizard King and revealed that Jim once jumped out of his car.

According to Alice Cooper, they were going somewhere, and Jim Morrison was in his back seat with his then-girlfriend Laurel Canyon. As Cooper constantly talked, he didn’t notice if Morrison paid attention. However, when he turned around, the Lizard King was nowhere to be seen. As it turns out, Jim jumped out of the car while Alice was driving. When he finally stopped the car, Jim came and told him that he had always wanted to do that.

“There were so many,” Cooper recalled his countless memories with Jim Morrison. “I was in a car once, and he was in the back seat with his girlfriend in Laurel Canyon. I was talking, talking, and finally turned around, and he was gone. We’d turned the corner, and he’d jumped out of the car and rolled all the way down Topanga Canyon. We stopped the car, and here he came walking up, and I was going, ‘What are you doing?’ He said, ‘I always wanted to do that.’”

Cooper then remembered another instance where Jim Morrison was walking on the edge at the top of an eight-story building. He had two bottles of alcohol in both hands and was trying to balance himself as if he were on a tightrope. As Cooper recalls, Jim was self-destructive enough not to think about his tremendous success with the Doors and wanted to die in a romantic way.

“There was another time at a party at the 8000 building at Doheny and Sunset,” Alice Cooper recalled. “Picture this, okay? This was at the time of ‘Light My Fire,’ when the Doors were probably the biggest band in the world. There’s a ledge there where it’s an eight-story drop to Sunset Boulevard, and he was walking on the edge like a tightrope with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other hand, like a balancing thing.”

Sharing his insights about Morrison, the shock-rocker continued, “He was already so out of it that with one breeze, he’d be dead, and nobody was pulling him off! So I was standing there going, ‘Jim! Jim! Come over here! Come on, let’s get a drink.’ One little trip, and he was falling off the building. Jim was self-destructive in a way that you could never talk him out of his goal. His goal was to die in some romantic way.”

So, Alice Cooper believes that Jim Morrison was a self-destructive person who didn’t care about enjoying the success the Doors had brought to him. Moreover, he argued the Lizard King’s sole goal was to die romantically. In another interview, Cooper said he wasn’t surprised Jim died at 27 as he believed it was a miracle he got to that age. It seems he foresaw what was to come for the Doors icon.