The Reason Alice Cooper Wasn’t Surprised About Jim Morrison’s Death

The Doors icon Jim Morrison, also known as the Lizard King, left a mark in rock music history with his mystic aura and rebellious actions. His immersive stage performances have inspired numerous musicians. Along with his impressive style, he also had very good songwriting skills as a reflection of his longtime interest in reading and writing.

However, behind the scenes, Morrison was a heavy user of alcohol and drugs. When the Doors released their fourth album, Jim Morrison’s substance problems escalated and they even started to affect his stage performances and recording sessions. Unfortunately, he unexpectedly died on July 3, 1971, at the age of 27 due to heart failure.

There was no official autopsy report but according to some sources, he might have died from an accidental heroin overdose. His sudden death generally had a devastating and shocking effect on the music world and his millions of fans but it looks like it wasn’t to Alice Cooper.

Why Jim Morrison’s Death Didn’t Surprise Alice Cooper

Back in 2015, Alice Cooper joined an interview with A-Sides with Jon Chattman and shared his memory with Jim Morrison before talking about his unexpected death. Cooper recalled that he was once having a chat with the Doors guitarist Robby Krieger and Krieger told him that he remembers Cooper and Morrison hanging from the balcony during their time together. Cooper knew the Doors members well because they were the opening act for them in some of the shows, so he spent a lot of time with Jim Morrison.

Later on during the interview, Alice Cooper looked back to the time he heard about Morrison’s death and he reflected on people’s reactions to it. Cooper stated that people were saying things like ‘he died too soon and suddenly’ as he was just 27 years old. However, it looks like Morrison’s death wasn’t surprising to Cooper as it was to many other people.

Alice revealed that it was a miracle for Jim to even come to the age of 27. He said that Morrison would take pills the way that they would eat Skittles. Cooper explained that if people would have known him, they would understand what he means. Apparently, what was surprising for Cooper was seeing Morrison get to the age of 27 rather than receiving the news of his death as he was already giving some signals about what would happen.

Alice Cooper’s words on Jim Morrison’s death:

“I mean you know Robby Krieger was telling a story one time. We were in Portland, Oregon. We were opening for him in a theater, and then he says that ‘You and Jim were hanging from the balcony to see who could hold on the longest.’ This was after a bottle of vino and I don’t even remember that. I mean this is like a blank to me.

He said ‘At least I remember very specifically because we had the guy’s up’ but when people say, ‘Jim died at 27, that’s really early’ and I said if you would have known Jim, getting to 27 was a miracle. I mean the fact that he got to 27, he would take pills the way that we would eat Skittles so I was not surprised when I heard that he died because I think he was living on borrowed time for a long time.”

You can watch the full interview below.