The Reason Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil Had Plastic Surgery To Change His Face

Mötley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil has one of the most exceptional music careers in rock history with a solo career in addition to his tenure with the band which was filled with many dramas. During his time with Mötley Crüe, Neil had a number of feuds with his band members and he was, still is, being criticized by his fans due to his appearance as well as his lack of energy on stage. However, there was one time when he decided to turn things around. Let’s travel back in time to break down the story.

After Mötley Crüe released the ‘Decade of Decadence’ album in 1992, Vince Neil decided to leave the band, and ultimately, the band started working with the former Scream singer John Corabi as their lead vocalist. Mötley Crüe released the eponymous sixth studio album on March 15, 1994, however, the record received mainly negative reactions from many fans due to Neil’s absence and its sound.

Meanwhile, Vince released a somewhat successful solo album, ‘Exposed,’ in 1993, and a less commercially successful follow-up, ‘Carved in Stone,’ in 1995. Realizing neither the band nor Neil would achieve success without each other, Mötley Crüe reunited with their original singer in 1997 and released its seventh studio album, ‘Generation Swine’ on June 24, 1997, as well as a compilation of Greatest Hits in late 1998 and hitting the road with The Scorpions.

While Mötley Crüe members seemed like they were finally getting along, drummer Tommy Lee quit the band in order to pursue a solo career in 1999, mainly because of the increasing tensions with Neil. Lee was replaced by former Ozzy Osbourne drummer Randy Castillo and the band released ‘New Tattoo’ in July 2000, however, the drummer was diagnosed with cancer which eventually caused his death in 2002. Soon after, all the band members went on hiatus. Let’s see what Vince Neil has done during the hiatus of his band.

Vince Neil Starred On A Make-Over Show In VH1

While the band was on hiatus, bassist Nikki Sixx played in side projects 58 and Brides of Destruction while lead guitarist Mick Mars who suffers from a hereditary form of arthritis focused on his health issues and drummer Tommy Lee went on to form Methods of Mayhem and also performed as a solo artist during this time.

Vince Neil, on the other hand, attempted to boost his career as a solo musician and decided to focus on reality tv in order to increase his popularity. Therefore, the singer featured on the first season of VH1’s reality show ‘The Surreal Life’ which was followed by his own special show titled ‘Remaking Vince Neil.’

The reality show mainly focused on Neil’s attempts to get in better physical shape while working with a famous bodybuilder as well as getting a remake via plastic surgery. Getting in shape and having a younger face, the vocalist surprised his fans with brunette hair, a thinner appearance, and a younger face. However, rather than focusing on his solo career, it was announced that Vince Neil and the rest of the band had returned to the studio and had begun recording new material in September 2004.

You can watch ‘Remaking Vince Neil’ here.

Vince Neil’s Plastic Surgery – Before And After