The Reason Johnny Rotten Wanted Sid Vicious To Join Sex Pistols

John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols. Despite their short-lived career from 1975 until 1978, the band made a name for themselves and had a big fanbase. Their contribution to the punk movement in the United Kingdom continues to influence the younger generation.

Even though the Sex Pistols were only around for two years, they’d become the talk of the town with their unapologetic lyrics and lineup changes that have impacted the band’s future. Johnny Rotten’s insistence on wanting Sid Vicious to be part of the band was the decision that changed the Sex Pistols’ destiny.

Why Did Johnny Rotten Insist That Sid Vicious Joins Sex Pistols?

Before Sid Vicious became a member of the Sex Pistols, the tensions between Glen Matlock and Johhny Rotten had been increasing. The two bandmates didn’t share the same vision for the Sex Pistols, which caused them to clash over everything. Ultimately, Matlock decided to leave the band.

Although it was presented as a mutual agreement, his autobiography revealed a few reasons behind his decision to depart. He explained that Rotten’s change in attitude after seeing his name on the paper and their dispute over the song ‘God Save the Queen’s lyrics led him to leave the band. When Glen Matlock left the band, Johnny Rotten wanted to replace him with his old friend Sid Vicious.

Sid Vicious’ relationship with Johnny Rotten went back to their early days in the British punk scene. When the Sex Pistols were trying to form a fanbase for their band, Sid Vicious was their biggest fan. Besides their friendship, Rotten wanted someone on his side against Steve Jones and Paul Cook for the times tensions would escalate between them.

Glen Matlock described Sid Vicious’s addition to Sex Pistol as:

“Rotten wanted Vicious in the band because ‘instead of him against Steve and Paul, it would become him and Sid against Steve and Paul. He always thought of it in terms of opposing camps.'”

You can listen to the Sex Pistols’ only studio album below.