Alice Cooper Picks Three Bands Young Groups Should Listen To


Alice Cooper recently joined an interview with LA Weekly, and while talking about his music career, he gave a piece of advice to the young musicians. Cooper shared three bands that young groups should listen to and improve their musicality with them.

Throughout his music career, Alice Cooper significantly impacted rock, experimenting with various styles, including art rock, heavy metal, glam metal, and many more. Cooper announced his name to the world with influential songs like ‘I’m Eighteen.’ The rocker also gained a massive global reputation with albums like ‘Billion Dollar Babies.’

Along with his successful records, The Godfather of Shock Rock significantly impacted the music scene with his theatrical shows. He followed a unique path in his music career with his style and stage performances. The rocker has always been praised by his fellow musicians, such as Justin Hawkins and Steve Vai.

In a recent conversation, Alice Cooper revealed how he emphasized musicality in the bands. According to Cooper, musicians should prioritize the song’s quality in the creation process. He stated that young groups should listen to excellent bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Four Seasons to learn how to create outstanding records.

When asked about what he gave importance in terms of musicality, Alice Cooper responded:

“To me, being a songwriter, I’m always saying everything revolves around how good the song is. You know, I don’t care how exciting you are up there. I said, spend your time listening to The Beatles. I tell young bands all the time; I want you to listen to The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Four Seasons. They wrote perfect songs, right? Their records were perfect.

You can be an angry punk rock band but write a song around it. Don’t just play a riff or a drum part and yell at me. That’s not a song. You have to have a verse and a chorus. That’s why I want you to listen to the early Beatles and the Beach Boys. You can be just as angry and have a good song. You don’t have to throw it away. Too many bands throw it away.”

According to Alice Cooper, young bands should listen to these groups to learn how to sound excellent. The rocker stated that such solid and old bands hugely influence the young generation of musicians by making songs containing all musical elements.