The Reason Joe Walsh Received A Chainsaw From The Eagles Members

The Eagles are without a doubt one of the most famous bands of the ’70s and although they are mostly known for their soft-rock music, they partied pretty hard. In fact, they recorded in the same studio with Black Sabbath and Geezer Butler had once revealed that every time they would get in the studio after the Eagles, they would have to scrape cocaine out of the mixing board.

Joe was asked to join the Eagles in 1975 as the band’s guitarist and songwriter, and it’s safe to say that he had some pretty crazy times too. The 73 years old musician is still active in the rock scene and very open about his experiences as a star in the notorious rock scene of the ’70s and ’80s.

Walsh has been very open about his alcohol and drug addiction and he’s been in recovery since 1993. However, before he went sober, he was the subject of numerous crazy stories. Once, the band’s manager Irving Azoff gifted Walsh a chainsaw but asked him to keep it at home. However, Walsh apparently decided to use it in time of need.

Here’s what he said in a later interview:

“One night we checked into a Holiday Inn, and Azoff and I were supposed to have connecting rooms. But we didn’t. So I started up the chainsaw and made my own door. And I walked through it and said, ‘Hey, we have connecting rooms now!'”

The fact that Walsh decided to use the chainsaw to create a door between rooms is not that surprising as numerous bands had the reputation of trashing hotel rooms and just causing a lot of trouble. However, it is questionable how much sense it made to give a chainsaw to a guy who is after numerous shenanigans even without it.