The Reason David Coverdale Didn’t Feel Intimidated By Whitesnake Members

Pretty much everybody can agree that David Coverdale managed to dodge the bullet of a fading career when he left Deep Purple. The rocker proved himself to be a force to reckon with by forming Whitesnake and releasing triumphant albums such as ‘Ready an’ Willing,’ ‘Saints & Sinners,’ and ‘Lovehunter.’ Despite the global recognition his band gained, Coverdale faced several problems within the successful Whitesnake.

The first and the most significant struggle he had was maintaining a steady lineup which is a common problem for many other bands. However, the singer had a somewhat different approach to handling his band over time, which made him doubtful. In fact, there was one time when David Coverdale was asked if he felt threatened by the lineup that included influential musicians and virtuosos. To the interviewer’s surprise, the Whitesnake frontman took the question as a joke and said he would be replaced soon.

David Coverdale Reflected On Being Threatened By Whitesnake Members

Throughout its music career over 30 years, Whitesnake went through numerous lineup changes, many of which led to drama, such as when David Coverdale fired guitarist John Sykes, claiming that he was taking advantage of his health condition to replace him with a new vocalist.

During a 1989 conversation, David Coverdale was asked if he feels intimidated by Whitesnake’s lineup that consisted of brilliant musicians such as drummer Tommy Aldridge, bassist Rudy Sarzo, and guitarist Steve Vai. Since people were aware of his trust problems, Coverdale made fun of his reputation by saying they would get another singer in the near future.

The singer immediately made it clear that he was joking by saying that the lineup of Whitesnake has a great foundation of trust, respect, as well as support. Because Coverdale had been searching for such values within a band for a very long time, he also stated that he felt delighted professionally.

When asked if he feels threatened by his band members, Coverdale said:

“Yeah, I’m worried that they are going to get another singer by February. No, it’s an absolutely perfect partnership. There’s a great foundation of trust, respect, and support which I’ve been searching for many many years. Now, I feel professionally very happy.”

It appears that the musician wasn’t being honest in this interview, or things changed pretty rapidly in the next period of his career. Despite praising the band, Coverdale informed the Whitesnake members a year after this conversation that he would be taking an extended break. Therefore, the musician disbanded Whitesnake, after the last show on the Liquor & Poker World Tour in 1990.

Coverdale’s decision to have a break from Whitesnake was primarily due to his exhaustion and the feeling of unsatisfaction despite Whitesnake’s success. As a result, he encouraged the band members to accept any outside offers for work until EMI released ‘Whitesnake’s Greatest Hits’ in Europe on July 4, 1994, which urged Coverdale to tour because of the album’s success.

You can watch the interview below.