The Reason Bruce Springsteen Gave $2 Million To Each E Street Band Member

Bruce Springsteen is a musician who became prominent mainly with his musical efforts with his backing band, E Street Band. Active on the music scene since 1964, Springsteen formed the band in 1972 and has released many albums with them.

Working with Bruce Springsteen since 1972, the E Street Band is mainly a backing band consisting of individually successful musicians. Although Springsteen also made solo efforts, he mostly recorded his songs with the band. Currently, the musician is still in collaboration with them.

By the late 1980s, Bruce Springsteen made a career decision that also affected the E Street Band. Therefore, he had to give $2 million to each of his bandmates and proved he deserves his nickname, ‘The Boss.’ Let’s find out the reason why the musician did such a thing.

Bruce Springsteen Gave His Band Members $2 Million After He Dissolved E Street Band

Back in 1982, Springsteen went to the studio with the E Street Band to start the recording sessions of the album ‘Born In The U.S.A.’ In 1984, he released the album, which later became his most successful musical effort. Following the release, the record has sold 30 million copies worldwide, and its singles reached the top 10 of Billboard charts.

After recording the album, Steven Van Zandt decided to part ways with the band to focus on solo endeavors. The E Street Band and Bruce Springsteen were enjoying a huge commercial success during that period, and they decided to embark on a tour as a support for the album. The tour turned out to be successful just like the album, and it grossed around $80–90 million.

By the late 1980s, Bruce Springsteen decided that he wanted to focus on his individual projects. Therefore, he put the E Street Band on hiatus. Although each band member had separate musical careers outside of the band, they weren’t happy with the decision. Springsteen then realized that he would be able to do whatever he wanted in the music industry, unlike his band members, so he made a pleasant offer to them.

Also known as The Boss by the fans, Springsteen offered each member $2 million in severance pay. Moreover, it should be noted that each band member got an equal share when they were on tour together, including Springsteen. So, it seems it was no surprise that The Boss decided to do such a kind act.