The Reason Beyonce Visited ZZ Top’s Rehearsal, Billy Gibbons Explains

Speaking to SiriusXM, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons recalled the time when they met Beyonce during the band’s rehearsal.

As you may know, Billy Gibbons is the guitarist and lead vocalist of the rock band ZZ Top. He formed ZZ Top back in 1969 and has played with them so far. Since its formation, the band has released 15 studio albums and sold almost 50 million records worldwide. The band recently lost their bassist Dusty Hill, which left their fans heartbroken.

Apart from his career with ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons also followed a solo career and contributed to other artists’ works. He collaborated with musicians including Vivian Campbell, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Raconteurs, Nickelback, Luis Fonsi, and more. Moreover, Gibbons released his ‘Perfectamundo’ and ‘The Big Bad Blues’ albums as a solo effort.

In an interview by SiriusXM, Billy Gibbons talked about Beyonce, saying ZZ Top and Beyonce met at a studio when she was still in Destiny’s Child. He said that back in those days, he was wandering from a studio to a studio in Houston. Gibbons then claimed that on one of these days, he met Beyonce at the studio’s lounge as they were rehearsing at the same studio.

Gibbons also said there were also hip-hop artists present that day such as the Ghetto Boys and Bushwick Bill. He then pointed out the hip-hop influence on the track ‘Spanish Fly’ from the album ‘Hardware,’ and revealed that the inspiration came fromthat day at the studio.

Billy Gibbons told SiriusXM that:

“I’ve made one adventurous escape from the studio back to a studio back in Houston, and I would say that was the place where we first got head-to-head with the hip-hop community. It’s no secret that Beyonce’s first foray into the scene was when she was with her girl group Destiny’s Child. ZZ Top was in the studio left, the hip-hop guys were in the studio right, and we collided right in the middle in the lounge.

There was the Ghetto Boys, Bushwick Bill, and by this time, the intrigue of this particular studio was bringing clients in from as far east as Atlanta, and as far west as Los Angeles. We brought back a little piece of that hip-hop influence and it appears on the track from ‘Hardware’ called ‘Spanish Fly,’ and it started off Matt Sorum, he said ‘Hey, man, could you play that track again?’ I said ‘Oh yeah, I brought this back from Houston.‘ And it’s a grinding groove, but we still take a page out of any book we can. It’s fascinating where the influences will show up, you never know.”

As a piece of recent news, Billy Gibbons released a solo album on June 4, 2021, titled ‘Hardware.’ It is Gibbon’s third solo release which generally received positive reviews from the critics.