The Reason Angus Young Never Played In Other Records Than AC/DC’s

AC/DC has been Angus Young’s precious band since the day he formed it with his brother Malcolm. Despite several lineup changes, the band’s constant members remained to be the brothers who shaped the lineup around them for years.

After the band’s iconic frontman Bon Scott died of alcohol poisoning in 1980, Young and the other band members released the ‘Back in Black’ record as a tribute, and it outsold the previous seven albums, becoming their most commercially successful album to that date. They later replaced the late Scott with Brian Johnson who is still in the band to this day.

Malcolm Young went through some alcohol-related problems in 1988 and had to take a year break from the band. After his return, he also stuck with the band as much as he could, then eventually had to retire in 2014. Malcolm was suffering from dementia and received treatment that lasted for years until he sadly passed away in 2017. However, AC/DC continues to release records that still achieves to impress their fans around the world. Their 2020 record ‘Power Up,’ was dedicated to Malcolm just as ‘Back in Black’ was dedicated to Scott.

AC/DC Members Had A Tight Relationship

The band members clearly cared for one another a lot, and the deaths they have faced throughout the years affected them dearly. In a 1996 inteview, Angus talked about the reason why he wouldn’t take on any side projects or consider a solo career. He answered for the entire band when he stated that no one wanted to play anywhere without the others.

He stated that AC/DC was a lot of work already, and he and his brother were inseparable because they always play on the same team. Getting used to each other’s support, the other members were also getting closer and closer with each other. Apparently, if anyone had asked the members to make a solo project, their initial reaction would be to get the other members in.

Here is what the interviewer asked in 1996:

“Were you actually invited to other records?”

Here is what Angus replied:

“Over the years I have. I like the time I spent in AC/DC, it’s a lot. I feel good. Especially me and Malcolm together. We play as a team and the same. But the other guys, if Brian says, ‘Hey somebody said to him they wanna make a solo album.’ He’d say, ‘Hey that’s good, can I bring along the other guys?’

You can watch the interview below.