The Reason Andy Summers Picked Radiohead’s Music Over Sting’s

It’s one of the most common things for fans to see former bandmates talk ill about each other following their break-up since an internal dispute lies behind almost every split. While some of these disagreements never end over time, they can also come back alive after many years due to unpleasant statements during interviews.

Though the former Police guitarist didn’t precisely come for his once again bandmate at the time, Andy Summers implied Sting wasn’t interesting enough for him to listen to, unlike Radiohead. He made this unexpected statement during an interview following the band’s reunion after two decades; let’s take a look.

The Police Reunited After 20 Years

After many years of being regarded as one of the greatest bands in the music industry, cracking noises started coming from the Police. The rumors about a possible break-up sparked when Sting began focusing on his solo career more than the band. After their 1984 tour ended, the band went on hiatus while the singer recorded and toured in support of his successful solo debut LP named ‘The Dream of the Blue Turtles,’ released in June 1985.

In July of 1986, the Police reunited to record a new album. However, Stewart Copeland broke his collarbone in a fall from a horse and could not play the drums. As a result of the drummer’s injury and the frontman’s lack of interest in investing in the band, the Police failed to record a new studio album and disbanded.

In early 2007, there were rumors that the band would reunite for a tour to mark the Police’s 30th anniversary, over 20 years after they split in 1986. The allegations turned out to be accurate as the band opened the 49th Annual Grammy Awards on 11 February 2007 in Los Angeles, marking the official reunion of the Police. While many thought they had reunited for good, the band announced that they would break up again following their 30th-anniversary tour.

Andy Summers Implied Radiohead Was More Interesting Than Sting

While the Police members were apart, they all continued to focus on their solo careers. Although they didn’t disband the Police entirely on bad terms, none of the band members were spotted together in their private lives during their solo careers and rarely mentioned each other.

After they reunited, an interviewer found the opportunity to ask Andy Summers in 2008 about how they spent those years apart. The guitarist revealed whether he followed what Sting was doing musically while they weren’t bandmates. Summers replied with an uncertain manner by saying that he was interested occasionally.

Summers admitted that he didn’t pay much attention to Sting, and other rock artists in general, because of the amount of music he already had in his mind. Apparently, the guitarist didn’t find most musicians interesting, except for Radiohead, which implied that his favorite contemporary artists didn’t include his bandmate.

The musician continued reflecting his attitude regarding new music and said that he’s not following the newly released records. To justify his point, Summers stated that his way of discovering new music is talking to other musicians, hearing something interesting somewhere, or letting the fresh music come to him naturally. It appears that his bandmate’s new music rarely came to him via any of these methods, while Radiohead‘s did.

When asked if he listened to Sting’s music while they were apart, Summers said:

“On and off. In one sense, I feel like I’ve got so much music in my head that I don’t need anything else. I don’t sit around listening to rock bands; that’s not very interesting to me. Partly because I feel I did it for so long, and you know, some interesting groups have come up like Radiohead being interesting. But I’m not like rushing out the door listening to every new rock band because they’re still pop songs, and I know that structure and that format. I sort of feel like they’re ideas I’ve already processed.

I look for much more arcane sources, you know. The head, where you keep your music, is a sacred space, and so I don’t like to violate it with loads and loads of shit. I know what I like. You know, you’d have to look at my iPod and see what I listen to. The musical computer in your head music in your head is built from many different sources. I don’t really go out listening to every new thing that’s on the market. It’s more like I let it come to me, or I talk to other musicians, and you hear something interesting.”

Andy Summers’ uninterest in new music may have been one of the reasons the Police didn’t decide to record and release new material when they reunited after all those years. While nobody can know for sure as the band didn’t the exact reason behind their decision, it’s still surprising to see Summers’ opinions on Sting and the rest of the rock community’s music.