The Rare Proof Of Jimmy Page’s Dominance Over Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page has announced his name to the entire world as the founder of Led Zeppelin and gained tremendous achievements as an excellent guitarist. The musician has been known for his guitar riffs and embracement of various styles reflected in his distorted guitar sounds. The rocker has also drawn attention with his distinctive methods, including using a cello bow to create a unique sound on the guitar.

In 1968, Page established Led Zeppelin, which would become one of the best-selling music groups in the whole world. Most of the band’s albums became among the top ten on the US Billboard chart, and several reached number one. They managed to influence the entire music industry from the first self-titled album released in 1969. The group’s success with the debut album continued with the follow-ups, and Page’s contribution to this success was pretty high.

The Success Of ‘Led Zeppelin II’

In the second album entitled ‘Led Zeppelin II,’ released in 1969, Led Zeppelin reflected their music evolving blues, especially with guitar riffs. The album was considered the band’s heaviest record and became one of the most commercially successful ones. It was the group’s first album, which reached number one on the US and UK charts.

The single ‘Whole Lotta Love’ was the first hit of the band and certified gold. Many magazines put this song on the lists of the greatest guitar tracks and pieces of all time. The band recorded the album in various studios while on tour at that period. Eddie Kramer was the recording engineer for this album, and Jimmy Page was constantly next to him in the process. Along with Kramer, Page contributed significantly to the album’s massive success.

Jimmy Page’s Creative Authority Over ‘Led Zeppelin II’

Throughout the recording phase of ‘Led Zeppelin II,’ the band had to complete the album in different studios in the US and UK, which brought several difficulties in the process. Though the recording engineer and producer Eddie Kramer did his best to create an excellent job throughout the process, the truth was that Jimmy Page was the primary authority for the record.

Kramer revealed in a past conversation that they worked in various weird studios during the recording of ‘Led Zeppelin II.’ According to Kramer, the result was great when they completed the album. As the engineer stressed, Jimmy Page was the only person in charge of everything while recording the album.

Eddie Kramer explained the recording process:

“We cut some of the tracks in some of the most bizarre studios you can imagine. But in the end, it sounded bloody marvelous. There was one guy in charge, and that was Mr. Page.”

Jimmy Page had a vital place in the great success of Led Zeppelin with his contributions as well as being the founder. He made countless contributions to ‘Led Zeppelin II’ in the challenging process of its recording and proved his dominance over the band. ‘Led Zeppelin II’ has still been counted among the most influential and excellent records of all time.

You can listen to the album below.