The Pop Star Eric Clapton Couldn’t Identify With On Any Level

Vocals, music, stage choreography, costumes, makeup, and an unimaginably high dose of energy; these are what most performers are made of. There are many opinions on what should be done on stage for the sake of music, and while some artists choose not to blind their fans with stage lights and make their performances purely based on music, others like to give their fans the time of their lives by going all in.

The rock world has seen many ‘all in’ artists, including Alice Cooper, KISS, and Mötley Crüe, who made it all about their dominance on the stage. Fans can love musicians based on many factors and connect with them either through music or their stage persona. That is why artists are perceived individually and differently by everyone. Eric Clapton also shared his perception of artists and mentioned a pop star that he couldn’t connect with on any level.

Eric Clapton Finds Promoting Music Cold

One of the best guitarists in the world once stated that he is all about the music and not about the packaging. Just like the stage shows that are independent of the music, Clapton thinks that the visual aspects of an artist make them feel cold because it takes time to get to their core when they are promoting themselves that much.

“I think that’s what it’s about for me; the craft, I mean,” noted Slowhand to Rock and Roll Garage in 2021 before explaining why he cares more about an artist’s sound rather than their appearance. “The packaging leaves me cold, and so much of music today is the packaging and the presentation, the video, and the promotion. You’ve got to unwrap everything to find out if the craft is there.”

Clapton clearly stated that he needs to connect to the artist’s core to have feelings towards them. The core shouldn’t be hidden with advertisements. He strongly stated that “To me, music is either good or bad if it makes me feel something. If it doesn’t make me feel anything, I’m just indifferent to it.” He spoke bluntly and ruthlessly about how he needed their music to make him feel; if it didn’t, he would just be indifferent.

Eric Clapton Is Indifferent Towards Madonna

People all over the world are familiar with the name Madonna. She is a pop icon that got popular very quickly, also thanks to her stage performances. She is a pioneer of many fashion trends in music and became prominent with her unique outfits that inspired many generations that followed her. Most of her songs are as popular as her style, but it is safe to say that her image has attracted the most attention to her life.

Eric Clapton also recognizes Madonna because of her long-going idolized fame. But the guitarist confessed that she doesn’t make him feel anything at all in terms of music. “Like Madonna is a phenomenon that I recognize, but she doesn’t make me feel anything,” he stated before publicly blaming her for only being “production and packaging.” Clapton explained his opinions and made his feelings about Madonna very clear and ruthlessly by undermining her musical talents.