The Pop Song Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Wishes He Would Have Written

Reading lists referring to the prominent artists’ favorite songs are always interesting for many music fans. Thus, they get the chance to take a closer look at their musical influences and inspirations. Some of their choices may seem predictable, while others may surprise us as they are outside their specific genre. However, it is also common knowledge that musicians tend to be interested in many other genres besides their own.

In this respect, their favorites lists mostly show us that the artists like revolving around various music genres and take something different from them to integrate into their music. Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour also named a song from another genre than his chosen one that you may have difficulty guessing. The musician didn’t only name the song one of his favorites but also expressed his desire to be its originator.

Which Pop Song Did David Gilmour Include In His Favorite Songs List?

David Gilmour joined an interview with the BBC Radio 2 show, ‘Tracks Of My Years,’ back in 2006 and listed some of his favorite tracks. He also revealed why they are so significant to him. He named songs such as ‘God Only Knows’ from the Beach Boys, ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ from the Jimi Hendrix Experience, ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’ from the Beatles for his list.

He also included a pop song, the Kinks’ ‘Waterloo Sunset,‘ in his list. The song was released as a part of the band’s fifth UK studio album, ‘Something Else by the Kinks,’ in 1967. It became one of the band’s best-known songs over the years. The track has been often praised for its touching lyrics, stunning musical arrangement, and smooth melody.

When explaining why he chose it, David Gilmour said that the song deserves to be on every list. According to him, it represents one of the perfect combinations of music and imagery that take the song to another level. Gilmour also added that he wishes he would have written that song. He was so impressed by the perfect harmony and structure of the track that he would want to make a song like that.

David Gilmour speaking on why he chose ‘Waterloo Sunset’ among his favorites:

“I don’t think you can’t get a more perfect pop song than ‘Waterloo Sunset’ and never even made number 1. I’ve seen a list of great number ones, and I was looking for it, and it wasn’t there, I realized. But it is probably the most perfect imagery, music, and all tied together into that little moment of musical perfection. So I would love to have written that song.”

You can listen to ‘Waterloo Sunset’ from the Kinks below.