The Pop Singer Alice Cooper Listed As His Favorite

There are, without a doubt, many characteristics that distinguish Alice Cooper from other artists. He has created a world where he gets to entertain and astound fans with theatrical stage shows that made him the Godfather of Shock Rock. The guillotine, live snakes, dancing skeletons, and gallows are some of the regular props he pulls out during his live performances.

Alice Cooper’s unmatched approach to music and live performances has allowed him to reach diverse audiences worldwide. His originality in his craft has not only made him one of the most creative performing artists of his generation, but it has inspired many promising artists and bands over the years. Although he has influenced the younger generation of artists and held a prominent place in the metal scene, there are a handful of artists he sees as genuine artists in the music industry.

Who Is Alice Cooper’s Favorite Pop Singer?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Alice Cooper’s artistic vision paved the way for young artists looking for a creative way to enrich their live performances. His unique style helped him soar in popularity and achieve commercial success, which was the cherry on top for artists rising in the metal scene.

The pioneer of shock rock understood that putting on a show and building a genuine fan base that was truly invested in what he had to say and portray on stage was the road to success. He buckled down to his goals and succeeded, and despite being talked about a lot in the metal scene, there are some artists in the industry that he also admires.

As for Cooper’s thoughts on his five favorite musicians, the icon revealed in a conversation with the Toronto Star that he considers Lady Gaga one of the best. He added that she understands what it means to be a star and has the whole package. Cooper praised her for her ability to sing, write, play the piano, and not just hide behind a costume on stage.

Alice Cooper’s words on one of his favorite musicians, Lady Gaga:

She’s great because she gets it, but she can back it up. She can sing, she can write, she can play piano, she’s not just a costume queen.”

Cooper has spent most of his life creating a stage persona and a catalog of music that touched the lives of many. Therefore, although the Godfather of shock rock substantially influenced the next generation of artists, ‘Alice Cooper’ will always hold a special place in the music industry.