The Pink Floyd Song David Gilmour Played After Richard Wright’s Death

The death of a band member in music bands usually has a devastating effect on the surviving members. Sometimes it may even mark the end of the group that doesn’t want to go on without the member who passed away, as we see in Led Zeppelin after their legendary drummer John Bonham’s death or Nirvana after losing their lead singer Kurt Cobain.

Nevertheless, some bands decide to carry on the show since they assume that the band member who died would have wanted the band to continue without them. Even if they choose to continue their career, the remaining band members never forget their late bandmates and pay tribute to them. Pink Floyd also faced the death of a band member, and David Gilmour paid homage after losing him.

Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright Passed Away In 2008

As one of the co-founders of Pink Floyd, Richard Wright played keyboards and also sang during his long tenure within the group. He met his future bandmates, Roger Waters and Nick Mason while continuing his college education, and then they formed Pink Floyd together. Wright appeared on the band’s fourteen studio albums and played a critical role in creating their unique sound with his layered keyboard playing style and powerful vocals.

He played a dominant part in the band during their early years, but his contributions to the group later diminished in the late 1970s. Wright eventually left the group due to creative differences with the other band members. Although he continued with his solo works in the later years, he didn’t appear much in public. The keyboardist, unfortunately, passed away on September 15, 2008, after losing his battle with lung cancer.

Which Song Did David Gilmour Play After Richard Wright’s Death?

Following Richard Wright’s death, the remaining Pink Floyd members expressed their sadness and paid tribute to him with kind words. David Gilmour referred to Wright as his ‘musical partner and his friend’ and reminded his vital contribution to the band’s works. Roger Waters also praised his musical skills and talent by saying he always greatly admired him.

Eight days after Wright’s passing, David Gilmour performed ‘Remember a Day,’ which was written and sung by the late keyboardist on the band’s second album, ‘A Saucerful of Secrets,’ as a tribute to Wright. Gilmour’s performance featured on a live broadcast of Later…with Jools Holland on BBC Two.

Besides his tribute with ‘Remember a Day,’ David Gilmour honored his late bandmate again by dedicating his song, ‘A Boat Lies Waiting,‘ which appeared in his 2015 album, ‘Rattle That Lock,’ in Wright’s memory. The song opens with a recording of Richard Wright’s voice.

Below, you can listen to ‘Remember a Day’ by Pink Floyd and watch David Gilmour’s live performance.