The Only Record Alex Van Halen Worked On Outside Of Van Halen

One of the only two members that remained a permanent figure in Van Halen was one of its co-founders, Alex Van Halen. Like Eddie, Alex also never left the band as he started and continued his career alongside his brother and became one of the most influential musicians in rock and roll history. He didn’t work on any projects without his brother, but they created a track with Van Halen for a separate project in 1996.

Van Halen took the initiative to record songs for the film ‘Twister,’ directed by Jan de Bont. They recorded the first song on its soundtrack, ‘Humans Being,’ but the process caused tension between the band members. Their vocalist, at the time, was Sammy Hagar, and the tensions led to Hagar’s departure from the band. Later, Hagar claimed that he was fired, but Eddie refuted his words by saying that he quit himself.

The song was initially written by Sammy Hagar, but Eddie changed the lyrics because he was unhappy, which angered Hagar. However, the track was used as the initial song on the soundtrack album. Eddie and Alex also worked on the side to create another song for ‘Twister,’ which marked Alex’s only project separate from his band.

Eddie and Alex Wrote ‘Respect The Wind’ Together

‘Respect the Wind’ is an instrumental track, almost ten minutes in length, used during the film’s end credits. Alex was on the keyboard instead of his drums, and as expected, Eddie played on guitar. The instrumental song was highly appreciated and got nominated for Best Rock Instrumental Performance in the 1997 Grammy Awards. However, some sources state that it is probably one of the most underrated pieces of music to this day.

The fans have stated under the song’s YouTube video that this song is the reason they do not skip the end credits of ‘Twister.’ Moreover, many pointed out Eddie’s and Alex’s sync in the sound. Even though the movie was released in 1996, the song is popular among fans to this day, and their fans never seize to pay their respects for Eddie’s unfortunate death in 2020.

You can listen to the song below.