The Only Audience Type That Alice Cooper Hates

The iconic singer Alice Cooper quickly attracted attention with his theatrical stage performances and his distinctive voice at the beginning of his music career. Alice Cooper was originally his band’s name that broke up in 1975 despite their vast commercial success. Then, he decided to take over the band’s name and use it as both his legal name and also stage name.

After the band’s dissolution, Alice Cooper returned to the music scene as a solo artist by releasing his debut solo album, ‘Welcome to My Nightmare.’ He has been very active in his solo journey since then and he has been currently working on his twenty-second solo album.

It is beyond doubt that the audience plays a very important role in the musicians’ shows. Legendary figures like Alice Cooper perform countless shows during their longtime career and of course, all of them have an opinion on their audience as they always interact with them. Cooper also has a favorite type of audience as he revealed in one of his old interviews.

Alice Cooper Named The Audience Type That He Hates

Around 1974, Alice Cooper opened up about his audience during an interview while his band was on ‘Billion Dolar Babies Tour,’ which started in 1973 and broke box-0ffice records of the time. The massive tour included 64 concerts in 59 cities in 90 days. The tour was organized to promote the band’s 1973 album, ‘Billion Dollar Babies,’ which is accepted as one of the best rock albums ever recorded.

During the conversation in 1974, Alice Cooper was asked about his favorite type of audience by the interviewer and he replied that he definitely prefers young audiences rather than old ones. Cooper explained that older audiences come to his shows and try to act in a sophisticated manner, which he hates.

Alice Cooper stated that the old audience comes to the concerts and they expect him to impress them. This attitude is what really bothers Cooper because he wants his audience to have fun during his shows. He stressed that the young audience knows how to have fun and that’s what he is looking for in the audience.

Then, the rocker recalled some of his previous shows and said that there were audiences who tried their best not to have fun in those shows because they wanted to seem sophisticated. Cooper clarified again that he doesn’t believe in any kind of sophistication in the audience and he waits for them to enjoy the shows and have fun as much as they can.

Alice Cooper’s words on his favorite audience:

“With the young audience because the older audiences come there with a sophistication that I hate. I hate people to come there and go like ‘Yes, impress me’ you know. I want an audience that comes and goes like ‘Yeah, come on, let’s have some fun.’ You know the young audience has fun.

There are certain cities that I go to where the audiences spent all their time trying not to have fun because they want to look sophisticated and I just don’t believe in any sort of sophistication when it comes to the audience. I think they should be very tribal.”

Below, you can watch Alice Cooper’s full interview.