The Offspring’s Noodles Reveals The Band That Ruined Many Bands’ Career

The Offspring’s official YouTube channel recently uploaded an interview video of Ernie Hall France with Noodles at Hellfest 2023. The footage showed the guitarist mentioning Nirvana’s effect on the music scene of the ’80s and ’90s while talking about what made punk popular:

“So, I think what happened is, [after] all the arena rock and then the hair metal stuff, Nirvana came and just destroyed it. [Laughs] Nirvana ruined a lot of careers. I mean, a lot of those bands are having their second heyday now, you know. So, I think Nirvana helped a lot, and once people learned Nirvana, it wasn’t too big of a jump from them to bands like us and Green Day. I know Bad Religion was already doing really well in Europe. NOFX was doing well in Europe.”

The Offspring’s Early Struggles and Recognition

In another interview with The Guardian, Noodles’ bandmate, Dexter Holland, revealed that The Offspring members didn’t have career plans when they started the band in 1984 as there were ‘no venues that would book punk bands.’ He also recalled how Nirvana changed things by saying:

“I saw the ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ video on MTV and thought: this looks like the shows we play at Gilman. Suddenly, this door seemed to be opening. Maybe we’re not as far off the pulse as we thought.”

The Offspring’s Journey in a Punk-Pop Dominated Scene


As The Offspring started to rise to fame with the release of ‘Smash,’ which coincided with Kurt Cobain’s death, Green Day’s mix of punk and pop helped it also achieve success. On that matter, Noodles told The Guardian:

“We kinda slipstreamed Green Day’s success.”

You can watch the recently-shared interview with Ernie Hall France in the video below.