The Nickelback Stage Moment That Proves Chad Kroeger Is A Hated Musician

There’s no doubt that Nickelback is a commercially successful band as they have sold more than 50 million albums worldwide throughout their music career that spans over nearly three decades. The band has released countless radio-friendly songs from numerous thriving records such as ‘Dark Horse,’ ‘Silver Side Up,’ and ‘The Long Road.’

Much like many other well-known rock bands, Nickelback also receives harsh criticism but what’s different about them is that their haters are way more passionate about bashing the band frequently. Their haters propose several reasons to dislike the band, such as their repetitive music, sexist lyrics, and trying to a popular trend.

However, there was a time when they weren’t the most hated band of all time but experienced an incident that foreshadowed their future. Although onstage incidents with fans aren’t unusual for bands, one of the cringiest stage moments happened with Nickelback in 2002. The band was thrown rocks on stage, and when lead singer Chad Kroeger asked the audience if they are a fan of the band there was nothing but crickets.

Fans Threw Rocks At Nickelback And Chad Kroeger Left The Stage

It was back in 2002 when Nickelback was headlining at Portugal’s Ilha do Ermal Festival on August 19. During the second song of their setlist, vocalist Chad Kroeger stopped the show as the band was constantly being pelted with rocks and bottles.

Kroeger was furious, and after he had enough of the audience’s disrespectful attitude, he asked the crowd if there were any Nickelback fans in Portugal. The deafening silence gave the viewers a second-hand embarrassment as nobody cheered up for the singer after the question.

Despite the silence, Kroeger gave them a second chance and said to the audience it’s up to them if they want to hear rock and roll or want to go home. There were crickets once again but this time, somebody from the crowd threw a water bottle at the singer’s head.

At that point, the Nickelback frontman had no choice but to leave the stage and simply walked out as people kept on throwing bottles at the band. After calling his bandmates to cancel the show, Chad Kroeger showed his middle finger to the audience as he made his exit.

The video of these moments has nearly two million views on YouTube, and fans are divided into two. While countless people found the incident funny, many people thought the entire thing was just impolite. Regardless of the opposite opinions, hundreds of comments and the incident itself prove Chad Kroeger is one of the least liked musicians of rock music.

You can watch the stage moment below.