The Long Standing Discussion About Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road’ Is Finally Resolved

The long-lasting debate about Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road’ has been sorted out eventually by his manager.

‘Thunder Road’ is the opening track from Bruce Springsteen‘s breakthrough album ‘Born To Run,’ recorded and written by himself. Released in 1975, the song is considered one of Springsteen’s greatest tracks and is recognized as one of the top rock songs in music history. Moreover, it has been ranked at No. 86 on Rolling Stone’s ‘500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.’

The lyrics of ‘Thunder Road’ tell the story of Mary and her boyfriend, and their last chance to make it real. In the song, there is a part that mentions Mary’s dress and there has been a big controversy about whether the dress ‘waves’ or it ‘sways.’ The main point fueling the debate is that the lyrics in the gatefold of the album and on Springsteen’s official website are noted down as ‘waves,’ but the handwritten lyric sheets say ‘sways.’

The ‘Thunder Road’ debate has recently been resolved though, by Springsteen’s manager and the album’s producer Jon Landau. In an email he sent to New Yorker’s David Remnick, he clarified that the word is actually ‘sways.’ Saying Springsteen has always sung it that way, Landau stated that any typos in the official materials will be corrected soon.

Landau wrote:

“The word is ‘sways’. That’s the way he wrote it in his original notebooks, that’s the way he sang it on ‘Born to Run’ in 1975, that’s the way he has always sung it at thousands of shows, and that’s the way he sings it right now on Broadway. Any typos in official Bruce material will be corrected.

He then sarcastically added:

“And, by the way, ‘dresses’ do not know how to ‘wave.’

Accordingly, Springsteen’s official website updated the lyrics page recently, resolving the dress issue. Moreover, it is known that the lyrics have been edited for the first time after 46 years of the song’s release.