The Led Zeppelin Song That Inspired Geddy Lee To Be A Bass Player

Fans love seeing musicians and bands who appreciate each other, especially in the rock scene since it is filled with countless rivalries and feuds. One of those supportive artists is the Rush lead vocalist and bassist Geddy Lee who has praised Led Zeppelin in numerous conversations.

While his fondness for the English band is also based on personal experiences with band members, Lee is also influenced by the band’s music. In fact, his decision to become a bass player was encouraged by a Led Zeppelin song named ‘What Is and What Should Never Be,’ and we’re here to look at the details.

Geddy Lee Is A Huge Fan Of Led Zeppelin

During multiple interviews, Geddy Lee made it perfectly clear that he is a huge fan of Led Zeppelin. In fact, he released an entire article on Classic Rock about why he loves the band so much, particularly their 1972 untitled album often referred to as ‘Led Zeppelin IV.’

Furthermore, many critics considered the debut album of Rush, which was released in March 1974, highly derivative of Led Zeppelin. The band indeed heavily influenced Rush, although their musical style changed substantially over the years.

The Rush bassist is also appreciative of Led Zeppelin on a personal level, especially of their frontman Robert Plant. Apparently, Robert Plant was the person who brought Rush together when the band took a five-year hiatus back in 1997.

Geddy Lee Named Led Zeppelin Song That Influenced Him

During a 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, Geddy Lee reflected on the tracks that inspired him to work with his instrument. His list included songs like The Who’s ‘My Generation,’ Cream’s ‘Crossroads,’ and Yes’ ‘Roundabout.’

Lee also named one of Led Zeppelin’s songs that influenced and inspired him as a bass player. His choice was ‘What Is and What Should Never Be,’ which was released as the second track on their second studio album entitled ‘Led Zeppelin II.’

According to the Rush icon, he can name numerous Led Zeppelin songs that have deep bass parts, but ‘What Is and What Should Never Be‘ is his favorite. This is because John Paul Jones changes gear in the song, which adds an incredible melody throughout the song.

About Led Zeppelin’s song, Lee said:

“There are so many songs I could choose from Zep that feature profound but understated bass playing, but this one is my fave. The way John Paul Jones changes gear, holds down the heavy bottom and adds terrific melody throughout the song. He is such a fluid player and all-around musical talent.”

You can listen to ‘What Is and What Should Never Be’ below.