The Led Zeppelin Song Jimmy Page Can’t Stand To Hear

Jimmy Page is probably not your usual British gentleman since he is known for his rather rude comments toward other artists. The guitarist, for instance, had previously criticized Phil Collins more than once, as he blamed the drummer for ruining their Live Aid show in 1985.

The guitarist also had a feud with Robbie Williams over a non-musical topic when the singer decided to renovate his house, and Jimmy thought the construction would destroy his historic mansion. The pair turned the case into a legal battle which Page lost. It’s impossible to forget his friendly feuds with Robert Plant, as the former bandmates often encountered creative differences and had disputes over whether to reunite Led Zeppelin.

All these instances show that when Jimmy Page cannot stand someone, he’s not one to shy away from vocalizing his thoughts. However, he has also criticized his own songs. So, when the guitarist disclosed the Led Zeppelin song he couldn’t stand to hear or play, as expected, he didn’t hesitate to make his hatred loud and clear.

To be a Led Zeppelin fan back in 1969 and get a chance to see the band’s live shows might sound magical, but Jimmy Page would probably argue the opposite. Led Zeppelin encountered various problems during their debut, from British promoters underestimating them to dealing with problematic fans. The latter instance, at least, inspired a song.

An obsessive fan stalked the act for a long time in their early days, and Plant and Page thought it was a great idea to write a song about the incident. After the pair wrote the lyrics and composed the melody, they named the track ‘Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman).’

However, the guitarist soon realized that he had crafted the track of his nightmares. The song wasn’t one of the typical well-produced singles of Led Zeppelin; to Jimmy, it had failed to catch the band’s sound. The song eventually made it to the ‘Led Zeppelin II’ album, but Page hated it so much that it was never included in the band’s setlist.

However, listeners liked the song enough to carry it onto the charts as ‘Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)’ entered the U.S. Hot 100. Thus, the song stalked Jimmy just like the groupie obsessed with them, the one that ironically inspired the song. Page coped with his hatred towards the track by never playing it live and, probably, never discussing it. The guitarist couldn’t stand to hear the song, and soon enough, it faded away from their fans’ memory.