The Led Zeppelin Show Robert Plant And Jimmy Page Regret Playing

Undoubtfully, one of the main bands that come to mind when one says ‘Rock and Roll’ are Led Zeppelin. The legendary band was formed in 1968, and since then, they have sold approximately 200 million records worldwide, which makes them one of the best-selling artists of all time.

The band’s lineup consisted of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham. They played together until 1980, which was when the drummer John Bonham passed away. His tragic death affected the band members so much that they decided to disband because they didn’t want to continue without Bonham.

In 1985, the band decided Live Aid was a good event for a reunion because it had a vast audience and served a good cause. However, in the 20-minute show, the band regretted reuniting and performing at this event. The band talked about the issues in multiple interviews and recalled how they were embarrassed on stage.

What Happened In Live Aid 1985?

Obviously, the band needed a new drummer to perform with them at the reunion. The band hired two new drummers, Tony Thompson and Phil Collins, but they didn’t have enough time to rehearse. So, when they were on stage, they left everything to luck. This was an important event for the drummers because there were rumors about Zeppelin reuniting for good after the show, and both wanted to take John Bonham’s spot.

The competition between the drummers wasn’t the only cause of a disaster in the show. Robert Plant lost his voiceafter their rehearsal in the afternoon and had to perform off-key. It was very apparent that the audience heard it, which was embarrassing for the band. Moreover, Jimmy Page’s guitar was handed to him without being tuned, and like Plant, he had to perform off-key.

You can watch and listen to their 1985 Live-Aid show below and judge their performance yourself.