The Least Satisfying Record Of Blue Öyster Cult, According To Eric Bloom

Blue Ösyter Cult has created many essential works throughout its long-time career, which began in 1967. They have gained a massive reputation, especially with notable songs like ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper,’ ‘Burnin’ for You,’ and ‘Godzilla.’ In 1975, the band gained recognition with its first live album, ‘On Your Feet or on Your Knees,’ their highest-charting record. The following ‘Agents of Fortune’ contributed to their commercial success by having a high place on the charts.

The group achieved many successes and proved itself in the rock world. Their albums received much praise from other musicians and the audience. They developed themselves gradually and met their audiences with more successful works each time. However, no matter how thriving they were, they were unsatisfied with some of the records they produced, as most artists experienced. According to co-lead vocalist Eric Bloom, the band’s 1979 album ‘Mirrors’ was not a record he was satisfied with at all.

Eric Bloom Chose ‘Mirrors’ As The Band’s Worst Record

Blue Öyster Cult’s sixth studio album, ‘Mirrors,’ which came out in 1979, was the first album the band did not work with their long-time producer Sandy Pearlman. They were together with the producer Tom Werman on this album, who worked with the names like Cheap Trick and Ted Nugent. The band aimed to make this album a higher-charting one, but they became unsatisfied with the result.

During an interview with Louder Sound, the group’s co-lead vocalist Eric Bloom personally chose ‘Mirrors’ as their worst record when asked. Bloom stated they wanted to work with Tom Werman as he produced many successful works with Cheap Trick. The band initially thought they would have ended up with a hit record. However, as the rocker mentioned, things did not go as well as they thought. Bloom noted that Werman did not give importance to his vocals and did not want him to take considerable vocal parts.

Eric Bloom revealed when asked the worst record he made:

“This is a personal choice, but for me, Blue Öyster Cult’s least satisfying record was ‘Mirrors.’ We made it with producer Tom Werman, who had had a lot of success with Cheap Trick, and thought we were taking on a hitmaker. But for one reason or another, Werman did not care for my vocals and kept me out of the studio. I don’t recall how many tracks I got to sing. He didn’t want me around.”

You can listen to ‘Mirrors’ below.