The KISS Song Paul Stanley Inspired By A ‘Poisoned Idea’

Is it a wishing apple or a poisoned one? Was it a bite that was supposed to make all KISS’ dreams come true or put them to sleep until they returned to their roots and forgot about all the temptations and approvals of others? Well, it did kind of did both.

Although the ending was not that pleasant for Snow White until the very last minute, the band reaped the benefits of their popular song, but they also got lost in the ‘poisoned idea’ related to it, while it was the next right step in their careers in the eyes of many. Paul Stanley gave insight into the album ‘Dynasty’ and the hit track ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You.’ Here’s what he had to say.

By the time they released their seventh studio album ‘Dynasty,’ the band had already become a household name. They had so much success, followed by fame and fortune. Yet by the time they put out that record, they had lost a bit of what had made them successful in the first place.

“‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ came out of a time when the band was a bit lost,” Stanley said about that period in an interview with Classic Rock in 2021. “We’d reached a point where we had forgotten why we were KISS and why we loved doing what we did. We were all, in some ways, drunk on success: there were sycophantic friends around, there were drugs, there was alcohol, and there was every kind of vice that fame brings with it.”

The vocalist recalled, “At the time, I think we had lost some of our rock edge and were a bit more concerned about getting peer acceptance, and that’s always a poisoned idea because you should never forsake the people who love you for ones who don’t.” Their aim of getting people to like them was never their way of making music in the past. Still, with this album, they fell into the trap of pleasing the vast majority rather than focusing on their loyal fans who loved them unconditionally.

Paul Stanley also detailed how ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ came to be. He added, “It was written when I was hanging out at the infamous NYC nightclub Studio 54, and I was thinking, ‘Gee, I could write one of these songs.’ All the songs at Studio 54 seemed to be about ‘tonight’ – about having a good time in the present rather than thinking about the future – so I went home, set the drum machine to 126 beats per minute, and got to work.”

Even though most tracks were about the same topic, Stanley wanted to join the bandwagon; however, by the end, he couldn’t achieve the final sound he had desired for the song. The musician noted, “Like many of the songs on ‘Dynasty,’ it didn’t particularly sound the way I had hoped, but nonetheless, it was a great song and a huge worldwide hit. But if it’s not to everyone’s taste, I understand.”

Although the track was a massive hit in the industry and was loved by many, for Stanley, it could have had a different sound if they hadn’t lost their way as a band during that time. If they had stuck to their rock edge and focused on what they did best, the vocalist might have been more pleased by the final outcome; however, it is still a great song in their repertoire. There’s no denying that!