The Hollywood Star Alice Cooper Used To Babysit

The entertainment industry might seem massive from the outside, but apparently, it is smaller than we think. Two of the biggest stars of show business Keanu Reeves and Alice Cooper, once stumbled across under unexpected circumstances many years ago when Reeves was just a little child.

Two people with little chance of crossing paths had a connection before becoming famous in their line of work. The Godfather of Shock Rock became Keanu’s babysitter while living in Canada. The actor once told the story and detailed how he had a rock icon as a nanny.

How Did Alice Cooper End Up Babysitting Keanu Reeves?

Keanu Reeves and Alice Cooper crossed paths while Cooper was living on the top floor of an old Victorian house owned by Reeves’ grandmother. The house was close to the recording studio, so Cooper stayed there for three months instead of staying at hotels where he would babysit the Hawaiian grandmother’s six-year-old grandson.

During an appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2017, Hollywood star Keanu Reeves reflected on his childhood and shared the very few things he remembered about having Alice Cooper as his babysitter. The famous actor stated that he grew up in Toronto, and the street he lived on was close to a recording studio called Nimbus 9.

His mother worked in costume design at the time, so she was a part of the rock and roll world. She had some friends from the industry, one of them being Alice Cooper. He added that he didn’t know how Cooper came to their house to babysit him in hindsight, but it happened somehow. Reeves also mentioned a funny anecdote where there was fake poo inside the fridge. Even though the star didn’t remember much about their time together, that was one of his memories.

Keanu Reeves’ words about the time Alice Cooper babysat him:

“I grew up in Toronto, lived on a street called Hazleton, and there was a recording studio Nimbus 9, and my mother was in costume design. She was in rock and roll, and she was in the business, and they had friends, and he had friends, and Alice Cooper, I’m told, babysat me. I don’t know how that could happen, but it did. I remember there was fake poo in the fridge. Like somehow, that connected like that.”

Alice Cooper realized years later that the kid he babysat and went to the studio with was Keanu Reeves. The same was true for Reeves, as he was only six years old when he met Cooper. It is surprising to find out that Alice had a small role in the actor’s upbringing.