George Lynch Regrets Not Releasing A Lynch Mob Album Before Nirvana

Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch recently opened up about the effects of the musical shift that came after the grunge movement. In a recent interview with VintageRock Pod, Lynch revealed a particular Lynch Mob album he wishes they had managed to release before Nirvana‘s breakthrough.

Speaking to VintageRock Pod, Lynch reflected on the arduous process of creating ‘Wicked Sensation.’ He mentioned that the high standards they had set for themselves made the recording process quite challenging, resulting in a year and a half of labor before the album was ready. However, this extended recording period had implications beyond the band’s internal dynamics.

At the time of ‘Wicked Sensation’s’ release in 1990, the music scene was rapidly changing. Grunge was making its way into the mainstream, and Nirvana was on the brink of their groundbreaking success. The timing, unfortunately, wasn’t ideal for Lynch Mob. Lynch expressed some regret over not being able to finish ‘Wicked Sensation’ sooner, before Nirvana and the grunge movement took center stage, potentially overshadowing their work.

Here is what George Lynch said about ‘Wicked Sensation’:

“It took a year and a half to make the record. It wasn’t an easy record to make, but we knew it had to be a seminal record and stand the test of time. We wanted to make a timeless album and wanted it to be wall-to-wall to where you never had to pick up that needle and go to the next track.

So, I think we succeeded at that, and it has stood the test of time to a certain extent. One of my small regrets is that I didn’t get the record done quicker before Nirvana came out and crushed everything.”

Despite the challenges and the changing music scene, George Lynch maintains a sense of pride in ‘Wicked Sensation.’ According to the guitarist, the album was a labor of love, and though the recording process was taxing, the results were an album that has stood the test of time.