The High Tension Between Green Day And Bon Jovi


Green Day has been on the rock music scene since 1987 and has been one of the leading names of punk rock not just with their music but also with their fashion style. The band became one of the best-selling artists of all time as they sold over 75 million records worldwide. 

Although the band is successful, Green Day’s lead guitarist and singer Billy Joe Armstrong has been criticized for making aggressive political statements. Many fans argue that his sensitivity and passion towards social and political issues have negatively affected Green Day’s music.

Not withholding his sharp tongue, in 2012, Armstrong stated in an interview with Kerrang! that the worst band they have ever played with was Bon Jovi. Not long after the punk vocalist made this comment about Bon Jovi, he had a nervous breakdown in Las Vegas because of Usher. Shortly after that, he checked into rehab as he struggled with substance abuse.

Here is what Armstrong said about Bon Jovi:

“The best band we’ve shared a stage with is probably The Hives, they’re a great live band. As for the worst, oh boy, I have to go with Bon Jovi.”

How Did Richie Sambora Respond To Billy Joe Armstrong’s Comment?


Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora didn’t seem to be extra bothered by Armstrong’s comment because he did not even remember playing with Green Day. In an interview he gave to Rolling Stone, the guitarist laughingly stated that he had no recollection of Green Day opening for Bon Jovi and sarcastically said that he is sorry they had a bad time.

Here is Sambora’s answer to Armstrong’s comment:

“I have no idea what happened with that, I actually don’t recall them opening for us, either I was incapacitated at that point or I just don’t remember it. I’m sorry he had such a bad time.

There haven’t been any updates on this tension between Green Day and Bon Jovi since 2012. However, it doesn’t seem like the two bands will tour together in the future.