The Heartbreaking Details Of Malcolm Young’s Last Days On His Deathbed

Two brothers trusted their musical talents in 1973 and decided to form a band, which ultimately became a worldwide influence that continues to this day. Angus and Malcolm Young formed AC/DC, described what they do as ‘rock and roll,’ and spent their years creating popular songs like ‘Highway to Hell,’ that has inspired many musicians since its release in 1979.

The brothers stuck together from 1973, although they experienced some unfortunate events, such as deaths and lineup changes. AC/DC’s original singer Bon Scott passed away in 1980 from alcohol poisoning. The band made their next album, ‘Back in Black,’ a tribute to Scott and continued their careers by hiring Brian Johnson.

Eight years after this unfortunate event, Malcolm Young had to quit the band to address his alcohol issues. Hence, the band temporarily replaced him with his nephew Stevie Young. His health took several hits throughout the years, and the talented musician passed away in 2017. Luckily, Angus was there with his brother until the very end.

How Did Malcolm Young Die?

The alcohol abuse was just the beginning of Malcolm’s tragedies that led to his death in 2017. After their 2008 Black Ice World Tour, Malcolm was diagnosed with an early stage of lung cancer and went through a successful surgery. While thinking he had left his illness behind, he developed unspecified heart problems.

Malcolm Young was still reluctant to quit performing, and he continued until his body stopped him. In 2014, the band announced that Malcolm was taking a break from the band because of his health condition. However, later that year, he was diagnosed with dementia and had to stay at a nursing home to receive 24/7 care. The band replaced him with Stevie once again and continued to perform with Malcolm’s blessing.

Unfortunately, Malcolm died from dementia on November 18, 2017, when he was only 64. His illness kept worsening until he finally reached peace. This was a painful period for his brother Angus as his older brother George had passed away three weeks before Malcolm, and it was difficult to see them go. The band dedicated their 2020 album, ‘Power Up’ to Malcolm as a tribute as they had done with ‘Back in Black’ for Bon Scott.

How Did Angus Feel When He Saw His Brother Dying?

In a 2020 interview, he touched upon this sensitive subject. He said that the death part was not the hardest because he knew it was a relief for his brother. However, watching the cruel illness take him over was pretty difficult. Angus still handled his illness pretty well and was there for Malcolm during these times.

Angus Young specifically mentioned that Malcolm would love it when Angus would visit him and play the guitar. In fact, he would try to tap his foot to the beat, which made Angus realize that his brother was there until the very end.

Here are the things Angus said about the last days of Malcolm:

“I think the hardest part was not so much in parting because that was a kind of end, you know – the relief. The decline, that’s the hard part, because you knew him, and then to see that was gone.

Even to the end, if I was there, from here to here, he had a big smile. And I think that was probably, for me, that always gave me a kind of joy, even though he was in that state. That was always the joy of it.

He always got a great kick if I played him the guitar. He would try to tap his foot. But he always knew I was there. I was with him toward the end.”

You can watch the interview below.