The Guitar Virtuoso Angus Young Considered Superior To Keith Richards

Keith Richards is known to be one of the most appreciated guitar players in the world. He is best known for his iconic collaborations and matching energy with his Rolling Stones bandmate Mick Jagger. They have produced many songs that made people regard them as the creative duo that they are. Aside from the guitar, Richards also contributed to the band with his songwriting partnership with Jagger, known to be one of the most fruitful songwriting collaborations.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Keith Richards was the fourth on the list of 100 best guitarists in 2011, and he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989 with The Rolling Stones. He influenced a lot of other guitarists in the industry with his guitar skills and made sure that his name would not be forgotten. However, AC/DC’s Angus Young has another name he considers better than Richards on the guitar. According to him, not even Keith Richards could reach the level of that guitarist he named.

Who Is A Better Guitar Player Than Keith Richards?

Angus Young talked about his brother Malcolm in 1983, many years before he sadly passed away in 2017. He stated that Malcolm has such a skill with the guitar and indicated that he has the best right hand in the world. He compared him to the great guitar players, but he disregarded their talents after comparing them to his brother. He stated that he had never heard anyone play like Malcolm Young, even ‘people like Keith Richards.’

Angus went on to say that when Richards doesn’t have his back covered by the other guitar player in the band, his sound becomes empty. On the other hand, Malcolm’s sound always remains full even if he is the only one playing the guitar on stage. Apparently, Malcolm Young decided not to take the lead because it ‘interfered with his drinking,’ and he suggested that Angus does it, which explains why he was AC/DC’s rhythm guitarist.

Here are his words about his brother:

“He’ll get something, and I’ll play along. It’s a natural thing. I suppose it’s just something we do well together. He seems to have a great command of rhythm, and he likes doing that. That, to me is more important because if we’re playing live and something goes wrong with my gear and my guitar drops out, you can still hear him, and it’s not empty.

He’s probably got the best right hand in the world. I’ve never heard anyone do it like that. Even Keith Richards or any of those people. As soon as the other guitar drops out, it’s empty. But with Malcolm, it’s so full. Besides, Malcolm always said that playing lead interfered with his drinkin’, and so he said I should do it.”

Because Angus said this before his brother passed away or even became seriously ill with dementia, his words have now become even more touching. It seems like his thoughts about Malcolm’s right hand and excellent skills are genuine, even when he compares him to the fourth-best guitarist in the world.