The Guitar Riff Jimi Hendrix Called ‘A Real Landmark’

The Kinks guitarist Dave Davies recently gave an interview to Classic Rock in which he talked about Jimi Hendrix and revealed that the guitar icon once described one of his guitar riffs as a real landmark.

Dave Davies and his brother Ray Davies formed the Kinks back in 1963. Regarded among the most influential rock bands of the 1960s, the Kinks emerged during the peak of British rhythm and blues. After the formation period, the band rapidly became prominent in the scene, especially with the release of the single ‘You Really Got Me.’

Since the first two singles the Kinks released didn’t reach the expected success, their record label threatened to annul the band’s contract. So, the Davies brothers focused on the third single, ‘You Really Got Me,’ and released it in August 1964. Following the release, the single became remarkably successful and made it to the Top 10 in the U.S.

‘You Really Got Me’ also helped create the Kinks’ signature guitar sound with its loud and distorted guitar riff and solo played by Dave Davies. After the single, the band recorded most of the tracks for their debut EP ‘Kinks,’ which featured covers and reworked traditional songs. The Kinks then continued to rise to prominence.

In an interview with Classic Rock, Dave Davies revealed his relationship with Jimi Hendrix and what he was like in real life. Moreover, he recalled when he was sitting beside Hendrix while on a plane. According to Davies, at that time, Hendrix suddenly turned to him and told him that the guitar riff he played on ‘You Really Got Me’ was a real landmark. Davies then stated that he considered this a great compliment that flattered him.

In the interview with Classic Rock, Dave Davies said the following about Jimi Hendrix:

“In real life, Jimi Hendrix was nothing like the wild guy that he portrayed on stage. He was a quiet, introverted guy like Ray was. He was explosive on stage but very softly spoken off it. I’d see him from time to time at the Scotch of St James or at parties. We used to exchange odd words with each other, but it was never like we were close.

I remember once sitting next to him on a plane bound for Stockholm. After a while, we got talking a little and he suddenly said to me: ‘Y’know, that guitar riff you did on ‘You Really Got Me’ was a real landmark.’ You can imagine how I felt. To be endorsed by Hendrix was really something. It was a great compliment.”

Below, you can listen to ‘You Really Got Me’ and check out the ‘landmark’ guitar riff.