The Extraordinary Lifestyle Of Robert Plant’s Daughter: Professional Belly Dancer Carmen Jane Plant

Led Zeppelin lead vocalist Robert Plant‘s daughter Carmen Jane Plant has a unique style of life far from her father’s career as a legendary musician but is a professional bellydancer who produces brilliant shows to represent Middle Eastern culture.

As some of you might know, Robert Plant was married to Maureen Wilson on November 9, 1968, and the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Carmen Jane Plant, on November 21, 1968, in Birmingham, England. Robert and Maureen also had two sons named Karac Pendragon, who passed away at the age of 5, and Logan Romero, who was born in 1979, four years before the couple divorced in August 1983.

Robert Plant Regrets Being Away During His Daughter’s Childhood

While many people thought it would be a marvelous experience growing up in a household including a father who is one of the greatest and widely well-known musicians in the world, Robert Plant himself revealed during an interview back in 2007 that he regrets being on tour for so many long time, especially during the 70s since his daughter Carmen grew up without seeing him.

Here is what Plant said:

“What I recall for the first two years is my daughter not really knowing who I was and getting rather agitated when I came back off tour, as she thought I’d come to rob the house.”

While there must be multiple pros and cons to having a father, such as the lead vocalist of Led Zeppelin, Carmen Jane Plant happens to be having a life rather unique, far different than her father’s choice of career, and quite away from the media and press.

Why Robert’s Daughter Carmen Jane Chose A Completely Different Career Path

Despite not having much information about their personal life of Carmen, it’s known that she’s married to Robert Plant’s former bassist Charlie Jones with whom she has three children. In addition to this, Carmen is a professional belly dancer as well as teaching belly dancing.

Since she is a professional dancer, Carmen most recently made the headlines for her production named ‘The Serpent Slayer,’ which took to the stage at the Exeter Corn Exchange on May 13, 2018. The show featured live music and a dance performance from Club Cairo, including Middle Eastern culture, African trance, and martial arts, as the daughter of Robert Plant revealed.

Here is what Carmen said at the time:

“The tour has gone well so far, and we’re excited to bring the show to Exeter this weekend. It will provide a variety of entertainment, from live music to dance, and it will really embrace Middle Eastern culture with instruments, belly dancing, and more.

The show will also combine African trance, Martial Arts, and other story-telling methods, including shadow puppetry and a variety of multimedia projections.”

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