The Eagles Song That Made Glenn Frey Cry In Front Of His Son

No one can deny that music significantly affects us, especially when listening to it becomes a part of people’s daily lives. Everyone has their genre that they prefer, but the thing that doesn’t change is never-ending interest and passion for music. Some chose to create their songs and albums, while others decided to listen and share their ideas about them. However, the music remained powerful as always before.

Songs can make us sad, happy, excited, and frightened as they generally remind us of some moments from our lives. Despite their triggering effect, most people never try to live without music because it’s almost impossible. Also, the fans and the musicians who created or performed those songs felt the same emotions. The Eagles icon Glenn Frey was one of them after he cried because of a song from the band.

Why Did Glenn Frey Cry While Listening To An Eagles Song?

During the late 70s and early 80s, the tension between two Eagles members, Glenn Frey and Don Felder, can be considered the main reason behind the band’s break up 1980. Frey and Felder’s problems and disagreements were revealed in an Eagles concert in which they kept threatening each other with physical violence onstage without thinking that their fans were watching them. After that infamous performance, the band members focused on their solo careers.

Even though Frey stated that the band would reunite ‘when the hell freezes over,’ the band decided to perform and create after 14 years of a holiday. Their reunion tour was named Hell Freezes Over, and they also released an album with the same name, which was their second live record, on November 8, 1994. It included Eagles’ greatest hits and new songs such as ‘Get Over It,’ ‘Love Will Keep Us Alive,’ and The Girl from Yesterday’ performed live during the long-awaited tour.

‘The Long Run’ era members Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Don Felder, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit recorded the songs in an MTV special. The album received very positive reviews from music critics and fans by hitting charts and becoming another Eagles best-seller. In addition, the record was also shared as in video form on VHS, LaserDisc, and DVD. When the DVD arrived at Frey, it was a great time to show his son, Deacon, what The Eagles was.

The father and son started to watch the performances together. In one of his previous interviews, Deacon revealed that his father cried while listening to Timothy B. Schmit’s performance in ‘Love Will Keep Us Alive.’ It was a shocking moment for him as he never saw Frey crying. It can be seen as how much Frey missed being a part of The Eagles back then, and his son added that he had no choice to love the band’s songs thanks to his father.

In Deacon Frey’s words, he said:

“When Timothy B. Schmit broke into his piercing falsetto for a new band recording ‘Love Will Keep Us Alive,’ my dad teared up, his eyes glistening in the glow of the big screen. I’d never seen him cry. To be in the room with my dad when he was listening to ‘the f*cking Eagles’ gave you no choice. If you loved him, you wanted to love them.”

You can listen to the song below.