Dee Snider Discusses Rejecting The Gig That Made Nirvana Famous

Dee Snider recently tweeted his dislike towards that one MTV gig that played a significant role in Nirvana‘s career while discussing how it also caused metal’s neglect in the late 90s.

When one puts the words MTV and Nirvana together, it doesn’t take one to put two and two together and realize that Snider’s dislike was towards MTV’s famous Unplugged sessions. The gig was an important part of Nirvana’s career, as it helped the already-popular band reach a new mainstream audience with their iconic show.

Twisted Sister rocker, however, wasn’t as fond of the Unplugged sessions since not only he rejected MTV’s offer to play, but he also accused the performances of leading to metal’s neglect in the late 90s. Dee also criticized that nothing would be left of their cult metal sound if he and his band had participated in Unplugged.

His criticism came after a fan asked if MTV ever had approached him with an offer, and Snider stated he had an ‘incredible aversion’ against the gig and rejected the performance by saying that he would only perform if Paul Simon or Tracy Chapman would plug their guitars and rock as hard as him.

Another comment then stated it would’ve been nice to hear Simon or Chapman plugging while also noting that there were numerous hard rock and metal acts who unplugged and put on a good show, but Snider stood by his thoughts and discussed why he used the saying, ‘incredible aversion.’

The singer’s words on why he had an ‘incredible aversion’ towards the Unplugged sessions:

“I was going to say ‘hate’ but figured I’d class it up. I not only hated Unplugged but believe it was partially responsible for the demise of metal in the early 90s. I mean, when you only put out power ballads [and] stop playing electric instruments…it’s not metal anymore, is it?”

One might surely see Dee’s point that he felt he couldn’t view himself as a true metalhead after unplugging. Still, numerous other rocking acts, such as Alice In Chains, proved that one could rock whether one plugged in or not.