The Eagles Bassist Details His Collaboration With Lindsey Buckingham

The Eagles’ Timothy B. Schmit detailed how he worked with Lindsey Buckingham in his new album during an interview with AXS TV he recently joined.

Besides his contributions to the Eagles, Timothy Schmit has also focused on his solo career by collaborating with other musicians and creating his albums. Schmit appeared in the works of names like Don Felder, Bob Seger, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash in the past.

The bassist’s first debut solo album was ‘Playin’ It Cool,’ released in 1984. Don Henley, Steve Lukather, and Joe Walsh were among the guest musicians on this album. Almost six years after releasing his sixth studio album ‘Leap of Faith,’ the seventh one, entitled ‘Day By Day,’ came out on May 6, 2022. Schmit collaborated with different names on this album, and Lindsey Buckingham, known as the former vocalist-guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, was one of them.

In a new conversation, Timothy Schmit revealed how he and Buckingham worked together on ‘Day By Day’ when the interviewer asked about the collaborations. Schmit stated that they were already communicating with Buckingham, and he was easy to get in touch with regarding their works. As the bassist recalled, Buckingham had enough time to contribute when he mentioned his new work. Schmit and Buckingham enjoyed the creation process, as he revealed.

Schmit also mentioned how he contacted musicians with whom he wanted to collaborate. As he indicated, the rocker decided by thinking about who was suitable for the songs and did his best to reach out to them. Most of them would accept the offer, as Schmit stated.

Timothy Schmit explained in his words:

“We’re not close, but we have been friendly for years. We occasionally talk to each other or text. I just thought Lindsey would be a guy; it is easy you call or e-mail or whatever and say, ‘Are you interested?’ ‘You want to hear a song that I might want you to play on if you’re into it.’ It’s that simple.

They can accept or not, or maybe they’re busy. Lindsey said right away, ‘I have just enough time. I could do it next week.’ I said, ‘Great.’ He was very humble, and we had a lot of fun that day. He seemed to enjoy himself.

Here’s what I do. I go, ‘Who would be best for this certain part.’ I might think of somebody and go like, ‘I don’t know that person.’ But I’d find out how to get a hold of them or management and ask. I’d say 80-85 percent of the time people actually said ‘yes.’ So, it was really great.”

You can watch the entire interview below.