The Don Henley Song Mick Jagger Played Harmonica

Even though Don Henley has enjoyed the commercial success of his solo career and probably, likes being a lone ranger, we might say that, deep down, the rocker still has what it takes to be a team player, as being a teammate has been carved into his musical DNA as a part of the legendary Eagles.

So, when he got into the studio to record a few songs for his fifth solo album a few years ago, he decided to ring up some fellow artists and collaborate on a few songs. However, while he was making a particular track, it was a pleasant surprise when Mick Jagger, the Diva himself, texted Henley and offered some harp and harmonica.

You see, Don was pretty pleased with Mick’s offer and probably thought that Jagger would be an excellent fit for the song. So, as the rocker chatted with Rolling Stone a few years ago, he discussed how the Rolling Stones’ sound between the late ’60s to early ’70s had country all over it, so these two names getting into the studio to record a country song didn’t sound out of a fever dream.

The track in question was ‘Bramble Rose,’ a Tift Merritt cover. When the Eagles legend collaborated with Miranda Lambert, Jagger texted Henley and asked him if he fancied his help. Besides lending his vocals, Mick also played harmonica to add to the authentic texture of good old country music.

Don, who wasn’t present at the studio while Mick recorded his parts, further added to the track alongside Miranda, and the opening track of his beloved country album was born. Their collab was indeed the ultimate country mix with authentic usage of harmonica, adding dimension to the sound.

Thus, as Jagger embraced his country roots, an exciting team-up was born, proving once again that Henley is a true team player. Even though he has been working on his own for years, he hasn’t been too one to refuse when another fellow artist offers their help.