The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins Explains The One Stage Act He’s Too Old To Do

Not many can match the lively spirit of The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins in the world of rock and roll. Known for his extravagant stage actions, Hawkins recently talked to Metro newspaper’s Sixty Seconds column and shared details about a significant change in how he approaches live shows.

When it comes to commanding the stage, Hawkins has long been a maestro of rock and roll theatrics. However, now, Justin admits he had to remove one of his signature moves from the live shows. He said:

“I also went through a long phase of climbing up onto balconies of the theatres and diving off into the audience. But on three different occasions, I’ve broken ribs doing that. I last did it in Australia in August, and it was agony.”

Another Signature Move: The Headstand And Feet Clapping Act

Hawkins gained popularity for executing headstands on stage while simultaneously clapping his feet together.  The headstand with feet clapping became a hallmark of The Darkness’ performances. Although the climbing act seemed to have ended, Hawkins still continues to perform another one of his stage acts, even after 20 years.

Regarding his dedication to amaze The Darkness fans with his stage shows, Justin stated:

“The first time I did that headstand, feet clapping thing on stage, I didn’t practice it; I just did it instinctively, and it became part of the show. That was 20 years ago, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Embracing Change: A New Chapter For The Darkness

Acknowledging the physical challenges he now faces, Hawkins expressed a newfound realization that these daring stunts might not be a mandatory component of The Darkness’ live shows anymore. He explained his decision to retire the act:

“So I’ve come to the realization that maybe it doesn’t have to be part of the show.”

In the ever-shifting world of rock music, Justin’s decision to mix things up signals a fresh chapter for The Darkness. The decision to retire certain stage acts isn’t just a matter of age catching up; it’s a rockstar acknowledging the need for self-care. While fans might miss the balcony dives and gravity-defying stunts, there’s a new kind of energy on the horizon.