The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins Admits Warming Up To Harry Styles

When an artist achieves great fame in a short time, many hesitate to establish them as an influential artist. However, their continuing success that increases after every musical effort often bends most people’s strict first impression. For instance, the Darkness’ Justin Hawkins shared in his show Justin Hawkins Rides Again that he might have changed his mind about Harry Styles after his most recent album because of how he presents himself creatively.

“I’m fairly ambivalent towards Harry Styles’s music,” said Hawkins before making some good comments about the musician. “But I’m starting to warm to him as a performer, and I like the stuff he’s doing in his videos. It is interesting you know he’s a great actor for a start, and the aesthetics are always considered.”

The frontman went on to discuss how his feelings towards Harry Styles have changed mainly due to his personality and creativity. He said, “I like him. I actually like him. I think I like him more than I like his music, but he’s a lovely boy; you can tell he’s a lovely boy, can’t you? He’s very talented.”

Harry Styles’s most recent album ‘Harry’s House,’ released in May, took the artist’s streak of success with his previous two albums to a new level and reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 Charts. Styles also dropped some aesthetically pleasing music videos for the singles in the album, and Hawkins shared his thoughts on ‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant.’