The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Recalls How Jelly Roll Threatened Him

Patrick Carney of The Black Keys recently shared an intense experience of his first encounter with rapper Jelly Roll which dates back to 2010, before Jelly Roll had risen to fame.

In an interview with Audacy Music on YouTube, Carney recalled the incident that unfolded in Nashville at a hip-hop show featuring the artist Yelawolf. Accompanied by Harmony Korine, a mutual friend, Carney found himself in an unexpected confrontation with Jelly Roll, who at that point was a stranger to him. Carney said:

“I met Jelly Roll 13 years ago, before he was famous. I think he’s just like right out of prison, probably it’s 2010 and I was there with this uh a friend of ours Harmony Karine. We were in Nashville at this hip-hop show. It was this guy, Yelawolf was just coming out to starting to perform and I went and like, Jelly Roll was there. I didn’t know who he was and like Harmony and was like joking around about something he thought we were. ‘Jell’ thought we were making fun of him and he just rolled up to me and scared the living crap out of me. He was like, ‘do you want to go motherfu**er?’ and I was like: ‘Uh-uh, nope, I’m good dude.'”

The Black Keys Duo Have A Hip-Hop Album

The Black Keys, traditionally known for their blues rock sound, took a significant turn in 2009 with the release of ‘Blakroc,’ a collaborative hip-hop album. Combining their rock background with hip-hop rhythms and beats, the album was an experimental starting point for the duo. In 2009, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys talked about this unique project in an interview with NPR. Auerbach explained their approach to the album and their hip-hop roots. He said:

“All the blues music I liked was super simple and stripped down. All the hip-hop I liked was super simple and stripped down. We always heard that connection. The whole record was done in 11 days. All the music, all the lyrics.”

You can listen to The Black Keys’ hip-hop experiments entitled ‘Blakroc’ below.