The Beatles’ Song Catalog Still Earns A Huge Amount Of Money But The Members Don’t Get A Penny

The Beatles has been one of the most popular and influential rock bands throughout the long history of rock music. Their unique way of songwriting, composing, and playing inspired many musicians from different generations. Most people define The Beatles as their muse and greatest inspiration even though they disbanded and haven’t produced any music for decades.

The Beatles were formed in 1960 and the iconic line-up of the band, which was also known as the Fabulous Four, consisted of John Lennon and Paul McCartney as the co-lead vocalists, George Harrison as the lead guitarist, and Ringo Starr as the drummer. The band released ‘Please Please Me,’ ‘With the Beatles’ ‘A Hard Day’s Night,’ ‘Beatles for Sale,’ ‘Help!,’ and ‘Rubber Soul’ alongside many more legendary albums until their break-up which was the consequence of ongoing problems among the bandmates.

The Reason Why The Beatles Members Can’t Gain Any Money From Their Music Catalog

The Beatles disbanded in 1970 even though they were the most famous and commercially successful band of their era. The death of their manager Brien Epstein, John Lennon’s heroin addiction and his relationship with Yoko Ono, which was not supported by the other band members, alongside Paul McCartney’s attempt to become the band’s leader caused this early split.

The members of the Beatles didn’t get the chance to reunite as John Lennon was murdered n 1980 and Harrison passed away due to lung cancer in 2001. However, the remaining members of the band still earn millions of dollars from their other projects such as movies, documentaries, shows, and radio plays although they didn’t produce any materials together for fifty years.

However, The Beatles members cannot gain any money from their legendary and groundbreaking hit songs. The rights of the songs, which were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, were bought by different record companies for years. When Robert Holmes à Court declared that he wanted to sell the rights, McCartney worked hard to regain the rights of the band’s catalog but he didn’t have enough money.

Later, the catalog was bought by McCartney’s longtime friend and iconic musician, Michael Jackson, and this purchase marked the end of their friendship. According to the reports on the fortunes of The Beatles members, they still earn $71 million per year from their own solo projects and different kinds of art projects on the band although they can’t have the rights to The Beatles catalog. Also, it has been recently revealed that Apple Records paid £6.1 million to every member of the band and their widows.

Paul McCarney is currently the richest member of the band with his more than $40 million fortune and he is followed by Lennon even if he died years ago. Thus, The Beatles members have been preserving their insane wealth thanks to the band’s everlasting popularity and legacy.